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  • Blackjack 24 inch Brushless Catamaran RTR
  • ETA: July


The long-running line of Pro Boat Blackjack ready-to-run catamarans experienced a major boost in performance and style when the large-scale Blackjack 42" was introduced in 2021. Among other upgrades, this big cat added Spektrum Smart technology to the highlights of the Blackjack design.

Now Pro Boat returns to where it all began, bringing the same improvements found in its "big brother" to the smaller, more affordable Blackjack 24". This redesigned Blackjack 24" not only looks better than the original, but performs better as well.

Its brushless power system has been updated with top-of-the-line Spektrum electronics, including a Spektrum Firma 2200Kv brushless motor and Spektrum Firma 90A Smart ESC. The ESC is Smart ready, allowing you to receive vital telemetry data at your fingertips when using an optional Spektrum Smart receiver and transmitter. Straight out of the box, the Blackjack 24" is 4S capable. Just install the recommended batteries and you'll have all the speed and acceleration you can handle!

Other additions include the innovative Pro Boat SSL (Strap, Slide, Lock) battery tray that eliminates the hassle from locking down batteries in confined spaces. You can swap out packs in a snap - it takes only a matter of seconds. Bushing lubrication is simplified with a "grease and go" system that reduces this task to just three easy steps: remove the prop strut plug screw, pump in some grease, and seal it back up. The grease passes through the prop strut and stuffing tube into the bushing, right where it's needed.
Pro Boat gives you a choice of two iconic liveries for your Blackjack 24" catamaran. At top speed, the Heat Wave race livery is a blaze of wild colour burning through the water. With the Blackjack offshore racing livery option, you'll feel like you're winning all of the aces in a power boat Poker Run.

With its brushless power, Spektrum electronics, and forgiving catamaran hull, the Blackjack 24" makes a great boat for everyone from first-timers to experienced modelers. If you're already a fan of the Blackjack 42", add this one to your collection and enjoy the same performance on lakes and ponds of almost any size, large or small.

The redesigned, ready-to-run Pro Boat Blackjack 24" comes with a Spektrum SLT2 2-channel 2.4GHz transmitter and boat stand for maintenance or display. Just add your own 4S battery setup (2x 2S 5000mAh) and compatible charger to race through the water with brushless-powered catamaran stability and speed.

  • Incredible styling and extreme 4S performance with 45+ MPH speeds
  • High-quality Spektrum radio and electronics
  • Ready to run - just add battery and charger
  • Heat Wave inspired bright and wild race livery option
  • Vegas offshore racing inspired Blackjack livery option
  • Fast, easy SSL (Strap, Slide, Lock) battery installation
  • Prop strut with easy-to-use "grease and go" bushing system
  • Damage-resistant break away rudder
  • Dual IC5 connector holders
  • Water-resistant receiver box
  • Adjustable, all aluminium hardware

Summer heat or Vegas Streets Livery options

Hit the water with your choice of head-turning styles. The Pro Boat Blackjack 24" catamaran comes in two awesome livery options, both expertly applied and inspired by full-scale racing favorites.

Blackjack Livery

Hitting the water with this offshore racing inspired Blackjack livery option is almost as exciting as being on a power boat Poker Run - and finishing with a royal flush.

Heat Wave Visual Livery

Bright and wild, the Heat Wave inspired race livery option guarantees you'll get noticed as you rip up the shoreline. Take it out on the water and turn up the summer heat!

dual IC5 Connector Holders

The dual, hard mounted IC5 connectors work together with the SSL (Strap, Slide, Lock) system to simplify battery installation. You can easily slide your batteries into place and plug them in with one hand. The connectors also keep the wires secure and safe from potential hazards.

Clean Composite Interior

The design of the Blackjack 24" catamaran's composite hull provides for a clean interior that keeps every wire, cooling line, and part right where it should be.

Water Resistant Receiver Box

When you're running on water, chances are good a small amount will get into the hull. Spektrum receivers are water resistant, but the exposed pins that accept servo leads are susceptible to connection issues if they do become wet. The Blackjack 24" catamaran includes a receiver box that locks out moisture and keeps this critical component safe and dry.

Strap, Slide, Lock Battery Installation

No more struggling to lock down batteries in your boat hull's limited space. The Blackjack 24" catamaran's SSL (Strap, Slide, Lock) system makes battery installation fast and hassle-free. Swapping out batteries is also quick and painless - you can be done and back on the water in just seconds.

Extreme Brushless Performance

Like its 42" long "big brother," the ready-to-run Blackjack 24" catamaran is designed for serious brushless performance. The boat comes equipped for 4S LiPo power right out of the box. Just install the recommended batteries and you'll hit speeds over 45mph right out of the box!

Adjustable Hardware

The all-aluminium hardware allows you to adjust the prop strut height and angle, so you can set up the Blackjack 24" catamaran to your liking and tune the boat to the water conditions.

"Grease and Go" Prop Strut

The Blackjack 24" catamaran has a "grease and go" system that passes grease through the prop strut and stuffing tube into the bushing where it's needed. Just remove the plug screw from the rear of the prop strut, inject a few pumps of grease, and seal it back up. It's quick and easy!

Break Away Rudder

Any RC boat is bound to have an accident eventually. When it happens, the rudder is usually the first part to bend or break. But the break away rudder of the Blackjack 24" catamaran is designed to swing out if it strikes a solid object. That keeps it from breaking off of the hull and minimizes damage to the rudder itself.
Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  B-PRB08049T1 Blackjack 24" V2 Catamaran Brushless: RTR, Heat Wave Visual £339.99  
  B-PRB08049T2 Blackjack 24" V2 Catamaran Brushless: RTR, Vegas Offshore £339.99  
  • (1) Pro Boat Blackjack 24" Catamaran RTR
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 3660 2200Kv Brushless Motor
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 90A Smart Brushless Marine ESC w/IC5 Connectors
  • (1) Spektrum SLT2 2-Channel 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter
  • (4) AA Transmitter Batteries
  • (1) Boat Stand
  • (1) Instruction Manual

  • 2 x 2S 5000mAh 100C LiPo Battery
  • Compatible Charger

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