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Mean Machine - Skill Level 2
Estes Estes 0047776012950
SRP: £29.99

The Mean Machine stands over two metres tall, which could be a handful to transport to the launch site. However, the clever rocket designers at Estes recognised this problem and developed a unique, twist lock connector set that allows you to take this rocket apart for easy transport to and from the launch field.

This legendary rocket is a Skill Level 2 kit which can be assembled and painted in around a day. The complete kit includes four matching body tubes, a moulded plastic twist lock connector set, laser cut wood fins, sleek moulded plastic nose cone and a distinctive waterslide decal. Mean Machine can reach launch heights in excess of 900 feet and is easily recovered by its colourful 61cm preassembled parachute. Another of the favourite classics that no model rocket enthusiast should be without! As the name implies, the Mean Machine is a huge rocket with a bad attitude and something to prove! Get yours today.

Mean Machine requires a launch system; (launch controller and launch pad), rocket motors, igniters and recovery wadding to operate. Also requires an Estes MaxiT Launch Rod (D-ES2244).

Also suitable for use with E9-4 and E9-6 rocket motors. E rocket motors require an E Launch Controller and E Launch Pad.

Spec Data
Recommended Motor D12-3, D12-5 (First Flight)
Projected Altitude
941 Feet
Fins Laser Cut Balsa
Recovery Method 61cm Parachute