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Alpha III - E2X Launch Set
Estes Estes 0047776014275
SRP: £32.50

Owning the Alpha III means joining the hundreds of thousands of people who had their start in model rockets with this classic. The Estes Alpha III was the very first rocket in the E2X (Easy to Assemble) series. The E2X series was designed with beginners in mind. With all pre-coloured rocket parts and easily applied self-adhesive decals, you're ready for lift-off in minutes. To assemble the rocket, nothing more than a little glue is required.

Using recommended Estes rocket motors, the Alpha III soars to heights of 1,100 feet. Whether you're a first time rocketeer or a long time flyer, the Alpha III is a true classic that should be in everyone's collection.

What's Included?

Alpha III rocket
Launch System - containing Astron II Launch Controller and Astron II Launch Pad

What's Required?

Launch sets are supplied without motors, igniters and wadding. You'll need the following to launch your rocket:
  • A little glue for the rocket assembly
  • Recommended motor (see the Technical Data table)
  • Recovery Wadding (see D-ES2274)
  • 4 x AA batteries for the Launch Controller

  • Spec Data
    Recommended Motor A8-3 (First Flight), A8-5, B4-4, B6-4, B6-6, C6-5, C6-7
    Projected Altitude
    1,150 Feet
    Fins Plastic
    Recovery Method 30.5cm Parachute
    Projected Altitude with A8-3
    275 Feet
    Projected Altitude with B4-4
    625 Feet
    Projected Altitude with B6-6
    600 Feet
    Projected Altitude with C6-5
    1150 Feet