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Big Red Monster .28 Mach 2 with Pull/Spin Start
Dynamite Dynamite 0605482310168
SRP: £179.99

Key Features

  • 13mm turbo ported crankshaft
  • 2-needle carburetor
  • ABC 6-port piston and sleeve
  • Knife edged connecting rod
  • Pull start/Spin-start combo equipped


The Dynamite⌐ Mach⌐ 2 "Big Red" .28 monster truck engine was engineered for superior torque and durability allowing you to unleash the full potential of your nitro monster truck. With features borrowed from the popular Dynamite Platinum Series, "Big Red" is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does the engine boast a 13mm turbo ported crankshaft as well as an ABC 6-port piston and sleeve, it also stands out with its oversized aluminum cooling head with "Big Red" etched on the top of the head. Looking for an affordable, high-performance engine for your nitro monster truck? Look no further - the Dynamite "Big Red" engine leaves the competition in the dust.


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Replacement Parts

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