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1/4 Supermoto S3 Motorcycle Front Tire MTD Black (1): PROMOT
Pro-line Racing Pro-line Racing 0675118181189
SRP: £44.99


This is a Supermoto Front Tire. Transform your Losi® PROMOTO-MX into an all-conquering, all-terrain Supermoto whip with Pro-Line's Supermoto motorcycle tires! 

These semi-slick tires completely change the look and handling of your PROMOTO-MX, providing superior grip on asphalt and other smooth surfaces. This allows you to carve better apexes, pop better wheelies, and rocket around your track, street, driveway, or parking lot with precision and style.

The Supermoto tires are molded in Pro-Line's S3 (Soft) long wear compound for long-lasting grip. They come conveniently pre-glued to a black Supermoto style wheel, which is smaller in diameter than the stock wheels to give your bike that true-to-scale Supermoto look. Inside the tires are high-quality closed cell inserts for consistent handling and durability.

The Supermoto tire is proudly manufactured and assembled at Pro-Line Headquarters in the USA! It is a direct fit for the Losi® PROMOTO-MX. Pair it with the Supermoto Rear tire (PRO1022310) to take your PROMOTO-MX to the next level of track performance today!


PRO1022210 | Supermoto S3 (Soft) Motorcycle Front Tire Mounted on Black Supermoto Wheel for PROMOTO-MX Front




  • Transform your PROMOTO-MX Bike into a Supermoto Machine
  • Semi-Slick Tread Design for Maximum Grip
  • Best Suited for Asphalt Surfaces
  • Long-Lasting Closed Cell Foam Insert Included
  • Pre-glued for your Convenience
  • Made in the USA
  • Black Supermoto Front Wheel
  • Smaller Diameter than stock PROMOTO-MX wheels
  • True-to-Scale Supermoto look


  • PROMOTO-MX Front


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