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Lid Skid Body Protectors for SC, 1:10 and 1:8 Monster Truck
Pro-line Racing Pro-line Racing 0675118176765
SRP: £19.99


  • Protect Your Freshly Painted Body!
  • Made from High Strength Black Nylon
  • Universal Fit – Place in Strategic Locations to Fit Your Application
  • Multiple Sizes Included: Two 4", Two 3", Two 2" & Four 1" Pieces
  • Hardware and Nuts Included


This is a set of Lid Skid Body Protectors. Are you tired of spending hours prepping and painting your brand-new body and then scratching it and damaging it on your very first run? Pro-Line has the solution for you! Introducing the all-new Lid Skid Body Protectors that have been specifically designed to protect your body from scratches and other mayhem during inevitable roll-overs. The Lid Skid Body Protectors are made from high-strength Black Nylon and can be placed on the outside of your SC, 1:10 MT, and 1:8 MT body in strategic locations to prevent damage to your painted body. Included with this set of universal fit Lid Skid Body Protectors are two 4" long pieces, two 3" long pieces, two 2" long pieces, and four 1" long pieces giving you plenty of protection and placement options to suit your specific application. Don't leave your body unprotected; get your set of Pro-Line Lid Skid Body Protectors now!

6360-00 | Lid Skid Body Protectors for SC, 1:10, and 1:8 Monster Truck Bodies

Video Overview

Fits On

  • Short Course Bodies
  • 1:10 Monster Truck Bodies
  • 1:8 Monster Truck Bodies


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