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10 to 15-Size Main Electric Retracts
E-flite E-flite 0605482775141
SRP: £84.99

Key Features

  • Robust landing gear strut and mounting bracket
  • Integrated electric motor with a micro PCB
  • Built-in over-current protection
  • Aircraft weight: 2.00-4.50 lb (0.90-2.00 kg)
  • Strut diameter 0.118 in (3mm)
  • Strut length 0.866 in (22mm)

Video Overview


You don’t have to be a master modeler to add the realism of functioning retracts to your airplane. The completely self-contained E-flite® retract system requires no air tank, complex linkages or extra servo. It can simply be bolted into place and plugged into the receiver. A specially-designed Y-harness is included that allows for the use of a single receiver channel to control all retract units.

Detailed Information

10-15 Size Main Retract Units (mm)


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