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Outcast 4x4 1/5 EXtreme Bash Roller Stunt Truck, Black
Arrma Arrma 5052127043861
SRP: £859.99

Product Details

Fully assembled and ready for your choice of electronics, the ARRMA OUTCAST 1/5 4WD Extreme Bash Stunt Truck Roller adds extra toughness everywhere it counts - making it the ultimate platform for performing stunts and bashing over brutal terrain.

Key Features

  • EXB 7075 T6 5mm thick CNC aluminium laser-etched chassis plate
  • EXB Matte and gloss effect body
  • Oil-filled adjustable 20mm bore shocks with 6mm thick shock shafts and new plush shock tuning dBoots⌐ Back-Flip tyres
  • All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals
In The Box
  • (1) ARRMA OUTCAST 1/5 4WD Extreme Bash Stunt Truck Roller
  • (1) Optional 39T Spur Gear
  • (1) 49 Series Motor Plate
  • (1) 56 Series Motor Plate
  • (1) 1/5 Servo Mounts
  • (1) 1/6 Servo Mounts
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • Motor
  • Pinion
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Steering Servo
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • LiPo Charging Bag


This is ARRMA® bashing performance at its biggest and best! Fully assembled and ready to complete with your choice of radio and 8S brushless power system, the 1/5 OUTCAST 4WD EXtreme Bash Stunt Truck Roller is the perfect platform for blasting over rough terrain and performing flips and tricks with ease.


  • EXB 7075 T6 5mm thick CNC aluminium laser-etched chassis plate
  • EXB Red-anodised CNC aluminium front brace mount
  • EXB Matte and gloss effect body
  • Heavy-duty 8mm thick steel rear turnbuckles
  • Heavy-duty 7mm thick steel steering turnbuckles
  • Oil-filled adjustable 20mm bore shocks with 6mm thick shock shafts and new plush shock tuning
  • Heavy-duty servo saver springs
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Red-anodised aluminium 49 and 56 series motor plates
  • dBoots® Back-Flip tyres
  • 47T and optional 39T Spur Gear
  • Servo mounts for 1/5 and 1/6 servos
  • Wheelie bar
  • Front bumper with impact-absorbing design
  • Easy-access 3-bolt sliding motor mount for quick motor removal
  • Ultra-thick composite front and rear shock towers
  • Black anodised aluminium rear lower chassis brace
  • Multi-structured centre brace system for maximum durability
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain
  • Easy-access front and rear diff module design
  • All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals
  • Durable steel driveshafts
  • Durable wheel hubs for increased strength
  • Easy-access waterproof electronics module
  • Center body support and brace for maximum durability
  • Strong composite chassis side pods


Equipped right out of the box with a premium package of EXtreme Bash (EXB) parts and options, the 1/5 OUTCAST 4WD EXB Stunt Truck Roller is the top-of-the-line ARRMA® large-scale stunt vehicle. It has extra toughness everywhere it counts. Components receiving the EXB treatment include the 5mm thick EXB 7075 T6 CNC aluminium laser-etched chassis plate; EXB red-anodised CNC aluminium front brace mount; and exclusive EXB matte and gloss effect finished body for a look unlike any other vehicle.

With adjustable, oil-filled, 20mm bore shocks on ultra-thick composite towers soaking up the bumps, the 1/5 OUTCAST 4WD EXB Stunt Truck Roller blasts over dirt, asphalt, and grass — all terrain and all conditions. Long-lasting dBoots® Back-Flip tyres on multi-spoke wheels with durable hubs add all-terrain traction. Everything in the durable design contributes to confident control and responsive handling.

A centre body support, aluminium centre braces and composite chassis side pods add more strength. All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals, plus durable steel driveshafts, provide a reliable, heavy-duty drivetrain that holds up to demanding stunts and brutal terrain.

ARRMA® engineering also cuts your maintenance time to the minimum. The 1/5 OUTCAST 4WD EXB Stunt Truck Roller has an efficient, driver-friendly design, with easy-access front and rear diff modules and a sliding mount for fast, hassle-free motor access. The easy-access, moulded electronics module contains a waterproof receiver box, servo mount and ESC tray, and is ready to protect your choice of electronics from dirt and moisture.

It all adds up to make the 1/5 OUTCAST 4WD EXtreme Bash Stunt Truck Roller more than just massive and powerful. It's the ultimate ARRMA® stunt bash machine for the ultimate large-scale experience.

EXB (EXtreme Bash) Components

EXB (EXtreme Bash) Components

EXB-hardened components throughout its fully assembled chassis give the 1/5 scale ARRMA® OUTCAST EXtreme Bash Stunt Truck Roller virtually unstoppable strength.


Steel Turnbuckles

Steel Turnbuckles

Heavy-duty components including the 8mm thick steel rear turnbuckles and 7mm thick steel steering turnbuckles enable the 1/5 scale OUTCAST EXB to withstand extreme off-road bashing.


Oil-Filled Shocks

Oil-Filled Shocks

Mounted on ultra-thick composite front and rear towers and featuring new plush shock tuning, the adjustable, oil-filled, 20mm bore shocks with 6mm thick shock shafts easily soak up bumps.


High-Traction dBoots<sup>®</sup> Tyres

High-Traction dBoots® Tyres

Long-lasting dBoots® Back-Flip tyres on multi-spoke wheels with durable hubs deliver all-terrain traction — and add an aggressive edge to the EXB matte and gloss effect finished truck body.


Quick Motor Access

Quick Motor Access

ARRMA® holds your maintenance downtime to the minimum with an efficient, driver-friendly design. For example, the easy-access, 3-bolt sliding motor mount allows quick motor removal.


Electronics Module

Electronics Module

The easy-access, moulded electronics module screwed to the chassis contains a waterproof receiver box, servo mount and ESC tray — ready to protect your electronics from dirt and moisture.


Multi-Structured Center Brace System

Multi-Structured Center Brace System

Made of rugged anodised 7075 T6 aluminium, the laser-etched 5mm chassis plate includes strong composite chassis side pods and a centre body support and brace for maximum durability.


Durable Metal Construction

Durable Metal Construction

Durable steel driveshafts plus all-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals keep the heavy-duty 4-wheel drivetrain rolling over punishing tracks. An EXB-toughened suspension system smooths the ride.


Spec Data
Scale 1/5

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Optional Parts

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  G-PRO10176-10 1/6 Masher X HP BELTED Fr/Rr 5.7" MT Tires Mounted 24mm Blk £99.99  
  Z-AR610006 Bearing 6x10x3mm (4) £10.99  
  Z-AR610016 Bearing 8x16x5mm (2) £9.99  
  Z-AR610031 Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm 4x4 (2) £6.99  
  Z-AR702001 Cap Head Screw 2.5x8mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-ARA310961 14T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310962 15T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310963 16T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310964 17T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310965 18T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310966 19T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310967 20T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310968 21T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310969 22T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310970 23T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310971 24T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA310972 25T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311036 16T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311037 17T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311038 18T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311039 19T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311040 20T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311041 21T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311042 22T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311043 23T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311044 24T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311045 25T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311046 26T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311047 27T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311048 28T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311049 29T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311050 30T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311056 26T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £10.99  
  Z-ARA311057 27T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £10.99  
  Z-ARA311058 28T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £10.99  
  Z-ARA311059 29T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £10.99  
  Z-ARA311060 30T Mod1 Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £10.99  
  Z-ARA311119 Pinion Gear, 31T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311120 Pinion Gear, 32T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311121 Pinion Gear, 33T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311122 Pinion Gear, 34T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311123 Pinion Gear, 35T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311124 Pinion Gear, 36T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311125 Pinion Gear, 37T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311126 Pinion Gear, 38T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311127 Pinion Gear, 39T Mod1 Safe-D8 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311128 Pinion Gear, 33T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311129 Pinion Gear, 34T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311130 Pinion Gear, 35T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311131 Pinion Gear, 36T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311132 Pinion Gear, 37T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311133 Pinion Gear, 38T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311134 Pinion Gear, 39T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311136 Pinion Gear, 31T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311137 Pinion Gear, 32T Mod1 Safe-D5 £19.99  
  Z-ARA320473 Stone Guards (1 Pair) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330612 Sway Bar 4.0mm £7.99  
  Z-ARA330613 Sway Bar 5.0mm £7.99  
  Z-ARA330616 Shock Springs: 120mm 2.15N/mm (12.28lb/in)(2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330617 Shock Springs: 120mm 2.41N/mm (13.76lb/in)(2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330618 Shock Springs: 130mm 2.01N/mm (11.48lb/in)(2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330619 Shock Springs: 130mm 2.15N/mm (12.28lb/in)(2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330620 Shock Springs: 130mm 2.51N/mm (14.33lb/in)(2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330646 Lower Suspension Hanger Rear Front CNC £32.50  
  Z-ARA330647 Lower Suspension Hanger Front Rear CNC £39.99  
  Z-ARA330648 Shock Collar, CNC Aluminum (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330651 Pivot Ball, CNC Aluminum (2) £39.99  
  Z-ARA330652 HD Threaded Hinge Pin (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330653 HD Hinge Pin 5x96mm (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA340168 Servo Saver Spring Set £11.99  
  Z-ARA340172 Servo Saver Axle, CNC Aluminum (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA340173 Steering Set, CNC Aluminum £109.99  
  Z-ARA390295 Motor Fan Set 50mm £19.99  
  Z-ARA390296 Motor Heatsink 4685 £19.99  
  Z-ARA409003 Outcast 8S Body Color £129.99  
  Z-ARA409006 Outcast 8S Clear Bodyshell (Inc. Decals) £99.99  
  Z-ARA520059 dBoots Copperhead2 MT 8S Tire & Inserts (Pair) £69.99  
  Z-ARA550061 Dboots 'Copperhead2 S-Block MT' 8S Tire Set Glued 24mm H (2) £89.99  
  Z-ARA550089 dBoots Copperhead2 Big Block MT 8S Tyre Set (Pair) £99.99  
  Z-ARA610032 Ball Bearing 12x24x6mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA610034 Ball Bearing 17x26x5mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA610036 Ball Bearing 6x16x5mm (2) £10.99  

Replacement Parts

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  Z-AR390001 Antenna Pipe Set 60mm £4.99  
  Z-AR610031 Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm 4x4 (2) £6.99  
  Z-AR701404 Set Screw 4x4mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR702001 Cap Head Screw 2.5x8mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR708001 Flange Lock Nuts 4mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR709021 Washer / Shim 3x6x0.5mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR715001 Nylon Nut 3mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR715005 Nut M4 Nylon (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR721308 Button Head Screw 3x8mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721312 Button Head Screw 3.x12mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721320 Button Head Screw 3x20mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721325 Button Head Screw 3x25mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR722310 Flat Head Screw 3x10mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR722412 Flat Head Screw 4x12mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR722416 Flat Head Hex Machine Screw 4x16mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR723320 Cap Head Hex Machine Screw 3x20mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR723410 Cap Head Screw 4x10mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR724303 Set Screw 3x3mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR724404 Set Screw 4x4mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR724505 Set Screw 5x5mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR727410 Double Socket Buttn Head Screw 4x10mm (8) £9.99  
  Z-ARA310911 Main Diff Gear 39T Spiral £49.99  
  Z-ARA310912 Main Input Gear 12T Spiral £32.50  
  Z-ARA310913 Steel Diff Outdrive (2) £32.50  
  Z-ARA310914 Diff Internal Gear Set (1 Diff) £32.50  
  Z-ARA310915 Diff Case £19.99  
  Z-ARA310916 Diff Inserts (4) £19.99  
  Z-ARA310917 Center Diff Gear Spacer (3) £4.99  
  Z-ARA310919 Aluminum Center Diff Case Set (1 Diff) £39.99  
  Z-ARA310920 Spur Gear 47T £39.99  
  Z-ARA310921 Idler Gear 19T £9.99  
  Z-ARA310922 Gearbox Input Shaft £10.99  
  Z-ARA310923 CVD Driveshaft 148mm £19.99  
  Z-ARA310926 CVD Driveshaft 182mm £32.50  
  Z-ARA310928 Aluminum Wheel Hex 24mm (Red) (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA310929 Aluminum Wheel Nut 24mm (Red) (4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA310930 Centre Gearbox Case Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA310932 CVD Axle 12x58mm (2) £39.99  
  Z-ARA310933 Outboard CVD Rebuild Set (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA310934 Inboard CVD Rebuild Set (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA310935 Gearbox Case Set £32.50  
  Z-ARA310936 Gasket (4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA310973 CVD Driveshaft 136mm £19.99  
  Z-ARA311051 Spur Gear 39T £39.99  
  Z-ARA320472 Side Guard Set £32.50  
  Z-ARA320474 Steering Top Plate £10.99  
  Z-ARA320476 Shock Tower H £19.99  
  Z-ARA320477 Brace Rod Ends W/Pins And Retainers (4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA320480 Battery Strap (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA320482 Aluminum Motor Mount (Red) £49.99  
  Z-ARA320486 Gearbox Silicone Seal Set (3) £14.99  
  Z-ARA320492 Wing Mount £24.99  
  Z-ARA320494 Receiver Box Seal Set £7.99  
  Z-ARA320495 Chassis Center Skids (2) £16.99  
  Z-ARA320496 Battery Box Set Left £32.50  
  Z-ARA320497 Brace Mount Pin 36mm (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA320498 Brace Mount Pin 56mm (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA320534 Body Mount Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA320536 Wheelie Bar Set (8S) £32.50  
  Z-ARA320550 Chassis Brace Bar 114mm £11.99  
  Z-ARA320553 Receiver Box (1/5th & 1/6th Scale Servo) £32.50  
  Z-ARA320554 Battery Box Set Right £32.50  
  Z-ARA320556 Bumper and Skids £32.50  
  Z-ARA320560 Chassis Brace Bar 145mm £10.99  
  Z-ARA320582 Center Tower £10.99  
  Z-ARA320591 Aluminum Motor Plate 56 Series Red £39.99  
  Z-ARA320592 Brace Mount Pin 67mm (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA320595 Chassis Brace Bar 99mm £11.99  
  Z-ARA320596 Chassis Brace Bar 209mm £19.99  
  Z-ARA320603 Aluminum Motor Plate 49 Series Red £39.99  
  Z-ARA320614 Chassis 445mm CNC 7075 T6 Aluminum £189.99  
  Z-ARA320615 Front Brace Mount CNC Aluminum £32.50  
  Z-ARA320616 Rear Lower Chassis Brace £19.99  
  Z-ARA330555 Suspension Hanger Set £7.99  
  Z-ARA330556 Aluminum Front Suspension Mount (Red) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330557 Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (Red) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330558 Steering Knuckles (1 Pair) £49.99  
  Z-ARA330560 18mm Pivot Ball M8x25mm (2) £32.50  
  Z-ARA330561 Front Upper Suspension Arms (1 Pair) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330563 Pivot Ball M4x11x15.4mm (2) £11.99  
  Z-ARA330564 Hinge Pin 5x74mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330565 Rear Hub (1 Pair) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330568 Shock Cap, Collar & Cartridge Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA330572 Shock Springs: 120mm 2.54N/mm (14.50lb/in)(2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330573 Shock Springs: 130mm 2.21N/mm (12.62lb/in)(2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330574 Shock Shaft 5x102mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330577 Aluminum Shock Body 24x88mm (Red) (2) £39.99  
  Z-ARA330578 Aluminum Shock Body 24x83mm (Red) (2) £39.99  
  Z-ARA330580 Shock Bladder (4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330581 Hinge Pin 5x96mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330582 Hub Nut (black) (4) £7.99  
  Z-ARA330583 Ball 4x9x12.5mm (4) £7.99  
  Z-ARA330584 Ball 5x9x13.5mm (2) £9.99  
  Z-ARA330588 Aluminum Rf Suspension Mount (Red) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330589 Front Lower Suspension Arms (1 Pair) £32.50  
  Z-ARA330590 Rear Lower Suspension Arms (1 Pair) £32.50  
  Z-ARA330593 Aluminum Suspension Arm End Cap (Red) (4) £11.99  
  Z-ARA330594 Aluminum Fr Suspension Mounts (Red) (2) £9.99  
  Z-ARA330611 Sway Bar 3.0mm £7.99  
  Z-ARA330614 Sway Bar Hardware Set £10.99  
  Z-ARA330629 Pivot Ball M4x11x19.5mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330738 Shock Cartridge Set £10.99  
  Z-ARA330739 Shock Piston Set: 1.4mm (8), 1.5mm (8), Blank (4) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330740 Shock Rod End & Spring Perch Set (4 Shocks) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330741 Shock Bladder (4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA330743 Shock Shaft 6x102mm (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330744 Composite Ball Cup Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA330745 Steel Turnbuckle M8x105mm Silver (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330746 Steel Turnbuckle M7x130mm Silver (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330747 Ball M5x9x16mm (2) £11.99  
  Z-ARA330749 Shock Set Bore:20mm, Length:188mm, Oil:TBCcSt £99.99  
  Z-ARA340153 Composite Steering Bellcrank Set £10.99  
  Z-ARA340155 Steel Turnbuckle M4x40mm (Black) £6.99  
  Z-ARA340158 Aluminum Steering Plate A (Red) (2) £11.99  
  Z-ARA340159 Steel Steering Post 6x40mm (Black) (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA340160 Step Screw 6x22mm (2) £6.99  
  Z-ARA340162 Flanged Tube 4x9x4mm (4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA340164 Ball 3x7x9.5mm (2) £6.99  
  Z-ARA340165 Servo Saver Plastic Parts Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA340166 Servo Saver Shaft £32.50  
  Z-ARA340167 Servo Saver Screw £4.99  
  Z-ARA340170 Servo Saver O-Ring Set £6.99  
  Z-ARA340182 Ball M3x7x14.25mm (2) £6.99  
  Z-ARA340183 HD Servo Saver Spring Set £11.99  
  Z-ARA390294 Body Clip Retainers 1/5 Scale (Black, 4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA409009 Outcast 1/5th EXB Finished Body Black £109.99  
  Z-ARA480036 Roll Cage £39.99  
  Z-ARA480037 Rear Wing £32.50  
  Z-ARA480038 Roof Rails £11.99  
  Z-ARA510123 MT Wheel 4.9in 24mm Hex (1pr) £32.50  
  Z-ARA520056 dBoots BACKFLIP Tyre & Insert (1pr) £64.99  
  Z-ARA550064 dBoots BACKFLIP 8S Tyre Set Glued (1pr) £89.99  
  Z-ARA610035 Ball Bearing 15x26x7mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA610037 Ball Bearing 8x16x5mm (2RS) (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA610047 Ball Bearing 6x16x5mm 2RS (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA610048 Ball Bearing 12x24x6mm 2RS (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA610049 Ball Bearing 17x26x5mm 2RS (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA610050 Ball Bearing 6x10x3mm 2RS (4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA702005 Flat Head Hex Machine Screw M2.5x8mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-ARA703016 Flat Head Hex Machine Screw M3.5x16mm (10) £6.99  
  Z-ARA709053 Washer 4.2x12x1mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA709054 Washer / Shim 20x24x0.2mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA709056 Washer 8x16x1mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA709058 Washer / Shim 6x8x0.5mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA709062 Washer 5.3x10x1mm (10) £6.99  
  Z-ARA712007 Steering Bushing 6x8x5mm (4) £7.99  
  Z-ARA713030 Pin 3.5x24mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA713031 Pin 3.5x14.8mm (6) £4.99  
  Z-ARA716028 O-Ring 9x2mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA716029 O-Ring 4.8x2mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA716030 O-Ring 19x1.5mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA716031 O-Ring 16.4x1.2mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA716039 O-Ring 5.8x2.2mm (8) £11.99  
  Z-ARA721422 Button Head Hex Machine Screw M4x22mm (4) £6.99  
  Z-ARA721424 Button Head Screw M4x24mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA721443 Button Head Screw M4x43mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA721512 Button Head Screw M5x12mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA721520 Button Head Screw M5x20mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA721525 Button Head Screw M5x25mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA721850 Button Head Screw M8x50mm (4) £9.99  
  Z-ARA722516 Flat Head Hex Machine Screw M5x16mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA723416 Cap Head Screw M4x16mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA723420 Cap Head Screw M4x20mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA723430 Cap Head Screw M4x30mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA723435 Cap Head Screw M4x35mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA724408 Set Screw M4x8mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-ARA724606 Set Screw M6x6mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA727420 Flanged Button Head Screw M4x20mm (6) £4.99  
  Z-ARA727540 Screw Shaft M5x40mm (4) £6.99  
  Z-ARA729000 C Clip 15mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA810000 Circlip Pliers & Shock Tool £7.99