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1/18 Mini LMT 4X4 Brushed Monster Truck RTR, Son-Uva Digger
Losi Losi 0605482181539
SRP: £289.99

Product Details

The 4WD Mini LMT brings monster truck excitement to RC in a low cost, race anywhere size that fits in a backpack. Scaled down from standard size LMT platform, it delivers great performance out of the box to bring Monster Jam dreams to life!

Key Features

  • Fully ready-to-run
  • Officially licensed bodies
  • Solid axle 4-wheel drive
  • Functional LED headlights
  • Realistic BKT tyres
In The Box
  • (1) 1/18 Losi Mini LMT 4X4 Monster Truck RTR
  • (1) Spektrum SLT2 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • (1) Spektrum 2-in-1 SLT Receiver / 25A Brushed ESC
  • (1) Spektrum Smart G2 2S LiPo Battery
  • (1) Spektrum Smart G2 2S LiPo USB-C Battery Charger
  • (1) Spektrum SX108 Metal Gear Steering Servo
  • (1) Losi 25T 380 Brushed Motor
  • (4) AA Transmitter Batteries
  • (1) Mini LMT 4X4 Monster Truck Product Manual
  • Miscellaneous Tools
Needed to Complete
  • USB Power Supply


  • Fully ready-to-run
  • Officially licensed bodies
  • Solid axle 4-wheel drive
  • Functional LED headlights
  • Realistic BKT tyres
  • Aluminium powder-coated chassis plates
  • Metal front and rear differentials
  • Metal driveline yokes
  • Aluminium links
  • Suspension sway bars
  • Threaded oil-filled shocks
  • High-capacity Spektrum Smart G2 810mAh 2S LiPo battery
  • Spektrum Smart G2 2S LiPo USB-C battery charger
  • 25A 2-in-1 ESC
  • Spektrum SLT2 2.4GHz radio
  • Spektrum SX108 Micro Digital Metal Gear Servo
  • Oversized 25T 380 brushed motor
  • Molded roll cage
  • Twist lock composite flip top cage
  • Elastomer battery mounting
  • Two-position wheelie bar
  • Full ball bearings
  • Option parts available


Introduced in 2020, the original, standard sized Losi LMT platform set a high bar for solid-axle RC monster truck performance. The LMT gave RC drivers and Monster Jam enthusiasts the power and durability for authentic, arena-shaking monster truck action, whether racing head-to-head or making jaws drop with backflips and donuts in freestyle competition.

Now even more fans can join the monster truck fun - at less cost and in more places - with Losi Mini LMT 4WD monster trucks. Losi's leadership in the development of off-road mini RC vehicles shines through in these smaller 4X4 versions of the LMT. Mini LMT 4WD monster trucks are small enough to fit in a backpack, but capture the original LMT's heart and soul by preserving its power-to-weight ratio, giving them the same easy handling when racing and the same ability to wheelie and flip in freestyle.

Losi Mini LMT 4WDs are the ideal entry into RC for any full-scale automotive enthusiast. In radio control form, they provide the perfect foundation for doing everything you love most - competing, customizing, and upgrading.

Losi raised the bar for mini scale realism, too. The officially licensed bodies represent two of the best-known and most admired names in the sport of monster trucks. Audiences packed into arenas around the world to catch the exploits of Dennis Anderson's Grave Digger, and now they're doing the same to watch his son Ryan's Son-uva Digger. The officially licensed tyres are also reproductions of the BKT tyres used by pro drivers in real Monster Jam competitions. Expect to be the centre of attention when you show off your Losi Mini LMT 4WD at Monster Jam tailgates!

No previous RC experience is needed to enjoy the versatility, easy handling, and unstoppable 4X4 traction of Losi Mini LMT 4WD monster trucks. Their compact size lets you race and freestyle almost anywhere. Run them indoors on garage floors, tiled and hardwood surfaces, or low-pile rugs and carpets. Take them outdoors on concrete driveways, smooth dirt fields, baseball diamonds, and tennis courts. Create jumps out of cardboard or household items. Take them along in a backpack on family outings for Monster Jam fun at the park or campsite.

Losi Mini LMT 4WD monster truck comes factory-built and finished, with everything required for operation in the box - including a high-quality Spektrum SLT2 radio for interference-free 2.4GHz control, and a high-capacity Spektrum Smart LiPo battery and charger for long run times and effortless recharging.


Audiences packed into arenas around the world to catch the exploits of Dennis Anderson's Grave Digger, and now they're doing the same to watch his son Ryan's Son-uva Digger. Live your own Monster Jam dreams through Losi! The Mini LMT 4WD is available with officially licensed scale versions of those truck bodies, featuring a screen-printed nose and decals on the side body for maximum realism.



The Mini LMT 4WD monster truck arrives factory-built and finished, with everything required for operation included in the box. Its versatility, performance, and ready-to-run simplicity make it a perfect RC monster truck for anyone, with or without previous hobby experience.



The Losi Mini LMT 4WD captures a huge amount of authentic detail in a size that's small enough to fit in a backpack. These functional headlights add another level of realism to the officially licensed Grave Digger and Son-uva Digger bodies. Coloured lenses complete the look by adding some monster attitude!



BKT are the tyres that pro drivers use at Monster Jam competitions around the world, and they've been officially licensed for reproduction on the Mini LMT 4WD. The tyres feature a Chevron tread design that provides excellent traction. The smooth sidewall transition keeps the tyres from grabbing and causing rollovers.



The 1.5mm, powder-coated 6061-T6 aluminium chassis plates complement the monster truck's scale looks while adding durability for racing and freestyle fun.



Metal differentials in front and rear allow each tyre to spin at its own speed for the best handling characteristics.



Anyone who loves working on full-scale cars and trucks will enjoy maintaining and upgrading the Losi Mini LMT 4WD, just as they would a real vehicle. For example, these durable metal yokes allow the driveline to be serviced and repaired easily whenever necessary. Links made from durable aluminium hang tough through hard-hitting monster truck action. They're easy to maintain and allow easy rod end replacement.



The Mini LMT 4WD's oil-filled shocks provide superior handling during jumps and harsh landings. The shocks are threaded for easy ride height adjustments. They also allow optional tuning using different spring rates and TLR shock oil weights (available separately).



The Losi Mini LMT 4WD includes a wheelie bar with two fixed positions and a wide roller. Select your preferred wheelie angle and put on a show!


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Spec Data
Scale 1/18
Battery type Spektrum Smart G2 810mAh 2S LiPo Battery (included)
Motor type Brushed, 25T 380 size

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Replacement Parts

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  P-SPMSSX108 SX108 Micro Gear Servo £19.99  
  P-SPMXSE3025RX SLT 25a ESC/RX 1/16 & 1/18, IC2 £42.50  
  T-LOS75001 Super Tacky Diff Grease £7.99  
  Z-LOS11002 25T Brushed 380 Size Motor £19.99  
  Z-LOS210042 Driver Insert and Safety Seat: Mini LMT £11.99  
  Z-LOS210043 Body Button Set, Complete: Mini LMT £4.99  
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  Z-LOS211043 Servo Saver Set: Mini LMT £10.99  
  Z-LOS211044 Suspension Mounting Set: Mini LMT £11.99  
  Z-LOS211045 Wheelie Bar Set, Green: Mini LMT £8.99  
  Z-LOS211046 Wheelie Bar Set, Blue: Mini LMT £8.99  
  Z-LOS211047 Chassis Cross Brace Set: Mini LMT £14.99  
  Z-LOS211048 4-In-1 Collective Header Set (L/R): Mini LMT £8.99  
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  Z-LOS211052 Chassis Plate Set, Green: Mini LMT £34.99  
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  Z-LOS212043 Spool, Center Gear Box: Mini LMT £16.99  
  Z-LOS212044 Differential Complete (F/R): Mini LMT £34.99  
  Z-LOS212045 13T Pinion Gear, Center Transmission: Mini LMT £7.99  
  Z-LOS212046 13T Pinion Gear, Axle Housing: Mini LMT £6.99  
  Z-LOS212047 Rear Axle Shaft (2): Mini LMT £12.99  
  Z-LOS212048 Rear Dogbone (2): Mini LMT £12.99  
  Z-LOS212049 Front Universal Driveshaft Set (2): Mini LMT £37.50  
  Z-LOS212050 12mm Wheel Hex and Screwpin (4): Mini LMT £6.99  
  Z-LOS212051 12mm Wheel hex Screwpins (10): Mini LMT £4.99  
  Z-LOS212052 Pinion Gear, 14T, 0.5M, 2mm Shaft: Mini LMT £6.99  
  Z-LOS212053 Pinion Gear, 15T, 0.5M, 2mm Shaft: Mini LMT £6.99  
  Z-LOS212054 Pinion Gear, 16T, 0.5M, 2mm Shaft: Mini LMT £6.99  
  Z-LOS213010 Shock Set Complete (2): Mini LMT £27.50  
  Z-LOS213011 Shock Cartdrige Rebuild Kit (4): Mini LMT £11.99  
  Z-LOS213012 Shock Shaft Rebuild Kit (2): Mini LMT £11.99  
  Z-LOS213015 Shock Springs Soft, Yellow (4): Mini LMT £12.99  
  Z-LOS213016 Shock Springs Med, Blue (4): Mini LMT £12.99  
  Z-LOS213017 Shock Springs Firm, Red (4): Mini LMT £12.99  
  Z-LOS214041 Spindle and Spindle Carrier Set (L/R): Mini LMT £12.99  
  Z-LOS214042 Sway Bar Set (F/R): Mini LMT £19.99  
  Z-LOS214043 Rear Axle Mount Set, 0 deg: Mini LMT £7.99  
  Z-LOS214044 Upper 4-link Bar Set (4): Mini LMT £27.50  
  Z-LOS214045 Lower 4-link Bar Set (4): Mini LMT £27.50  
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  Z-LOS215001 Cap Head Screws, M2x10mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS215003 Flat Head Screws, M2x12mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS215004 Button Head Screws, M2x5mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS215005 Button Head Screws, M2x8mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS215006 Button Head Screws, M2x10mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS215007 Button Head Screws, M2x14mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS215009 Button Head Screws, M2x20mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS215010 Cap Head Screws, M2x25mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS216008 Washer, 2.2mm x 4.5mm x 0.3mm (10) £3.99  
  Z-LOS216009 E-Clip and Shim Set: Mini LMT £4.99  
  Z-LOS217002 5x8x2.5mm Ball Bearing,Flanged (4): Mini LMT £10.99  
  Z-LOS217003 7x13x3mm Ball Bearing (4): Mini LMT £10.99  
  Z-LOS235014 Lock Nut, M2 x 0.4 x4mm (10) £11.99  
  Z-LOS257007 4 x 8 x 3mm Ball Bearing (4) £19.99  
  Z-LOS41042 Monster Truck Tire (L/R): Mini LMT £15.99  
  Z-LOS41043 Foam Tire Insert (2): Mini LMT £4.99  
  Z-LOS41044 MT Wheel, Green Beadlock, Lt Grey(2): Mini LMT £8.99  
  Z-LOS41045 MT Tires,Green Beadlock, Premount(2): Mini LMT £24.99  
  Z-LOS41046 MT Wheel, Blue Beadlock, Lt Grey(2): Mini LMT £8.99  
  Z-LOS41047 MT Tires, Blue Beadlock, Premount(2): Mini LMT £24.99  
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