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Sopwith Tabloid - 38" electric scale kit
Belair Belair 5055320230472
SRP: £99.99

The Sopwith Tabloid was a British biplane, originally designed as sports aircraft and later adapted for military use. They were among the first types to be built by the Sopwith Aviation Company. The "Tabloid", so named because of its small size, caused a sensation when it made its first public appearance.

Single-seat variants of the Tabloid went into production in 1914 and 36 eventually entered service with the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). Deployed to France at the outbreak of the First World War, Tabloids were used as fast scouts.

The Peter Rake design is fully CAD drawn with a detailed plan set and laser cut parts in balsa and plywood. It suits 400 size brushless motors and rudder, elevator and ESC for motor.

Note: This model requires all electronics, covering and details to finish.

Spec Data
38.25 inches
Motor type 400 Size Brushless