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The Arrma range of vehicles is extremely popular amongst those taking their first step into RC and those who are well established RC bashing enthusiasts. This shouldn't come as a surprise given the range of vehicles on offer from Arrma, starting with the Mega 550 brushed range offering the more price conscious customer looking for their first RC car up to the RC thrill seekers who want a 6S LiPo vehicle capable of insane speeds. Arrma is DESIGNED FAST DESIGNED TOUGH! Whatever type of customer one things for sure, these vehicles are built tough and are capable of taking whatever punishment can be thrown at them. With striking looks to boot these cars are bound to be popular this festive selling season.

With that in mind we want you to be prepared for when the Christmas sales hit and as an added incentive we have a FREE promotional give away when you place your pre-orders from the schedule list below. You can choose a customised Polo Shirt FREE with every 3 Arrma cars ordered (up to a maximum of 10 Polo Shirts) or you can receive a customised Zipped Hoodie FREE with every 6 Arrma cars (up to a maximum of 5 Zipped Hoodies) to wear in store. Each piece of promotional clothing will feature YOUR shop's logo with the Arrma Brand logo on the back.

Follow the 3 easy steps and we will do the rest. This is the easiest way to ensure you have stock for the festive selling season of these popular models.

Pre-Order Stock

Below is a list of all the kits in the Arrma range along with columns to input quantities per month. Take some time to go through this list and allocate the number of kits you want per model, per month. This stock will be delivered to you in the months and quantities you have entered, and with Christmas just around the corner it will help ensure you have stock for the festive rush.

Calculate the Number of FREE Shirts

Once you have been through the list and pre-ordered the cars you want and when you want them you can evaluate the total number of cars ordered and find out how many FREE promotional clothing you are entitled to. Simply press the 'Recalc' button to refresh your totals and then 'Click here to update' to work out the number of Polo Shirts / Zipped Hoodies you have accumulated. Then it's a simple of case of dividing up this number according to the sizes and quantities you need. Click the 'View Order' button to place and complete the process.

Send in your Logo

Finally, we need you to send in your Logo to us so we can get your personalised Arrma promotional polo shirts printed. Send us either a vector file (.ai or .eps) or high resolution JPEG to us at where we will position the logo on the left breast of the shirt in full colour. Once the shirts have been printed we will send them to you for you to wear proudly in store.

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Status Nov Dec Jan

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Status Nov Dec Jan

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Status Nov Dec Jan
C-ARA7615V2T1 Infraction 6S BLX RTR Blue £799.99
C-ARA7615V2T2 Infraction 6S BLX RTR Silver £799.99
C-ARA7617V2T1 Felony 6S BLX RTR Black £799.99
C-ARA7617V2T2 Felony 6S BLX RTR Orange £799.99
C-ARA8608V5T1 Kraton 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 RTR Red £709.99
C-ARA8611V5T1 Notorious 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 RTR Black £709.99
C-ARA8611V5T2 Notorious 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 RTR Blue £709.99
C-ARA8606V5 Typhon 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 RTR £619.99
C-ARA109011 Limitless Speed Bash 1/7th 4WD Roller £459.99
C-ARA7604V2T1 Mojave 6S BLX 1/7 Desert Truck Blk/Grn £799.99
C-ARA7604V2T2 Mojave 6S BLX 1/7 Desert Truck Blk/Red £799.99

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Status Nov Dec Jan

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Status Nov Dec Jan
C-ARA106053 KRATON 1/8 4WD EXtreme Bash Roller Speed Black £489.99

See the total number of kits you have on order and calculate how many FREE promotional shirts you will get.

  Nov Dec Jan
You currently have the following cars on order
Please click to refresh the totals.
Click here to update

Order your FREE promotional shirt or hoodie below. You can choose a customised Polo Shirt for every 3 Arrma kits orders (up to a maximum of 10 Polo Shirts) or you can receive a customised Zipped Hoodie for every 6 Arrma kits orders (up to a maximum of 5 Zipped Hoodies). If you require a size that isn't listed please contact the office and let us know. Please fill in the quanities next to the size of garment you require.

Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
U-LG-ARA-PMArrma Polo - Medium£0.00 £0.00
U-LG-ARA-PLArrma Polo - Large£0.00 £0.00
U-LG-ARA-PXLArrma Polo - X Large£0.00 £0.00
U-LG-ARA-PXXLArrma Polo - 2X Large£0.00 £0.00
U-LG-ARA-HMArrma Hoodie - Medium£0.00 £0.00
U-LG-ARA-HLArrma Hoodie - Large£0.00 £0.00
U-LG-ARA-HXLArrma Hoodie - X Large£0.00 £0.00
U-LG-ARA-HXXLArrma Hoodie - 2X Large£0.00 £0.00
When you are finished, please 'View Order' to continue

To qualify for this promotional offer, your orders must be submitted by 31st October 2020 and cars must be scheduled over multiple months. This promotion cannot be combined with any existing back orders. We will do our utmost to deliver vehicles within the scheduled months. Where we are unable to do this, vehicles will be supplied as soon as stock becomes available.

We are Offering an Additional Service!

Winters definitely upon us and whilst the polo and hoodie are perfect for wearing about the shop you might want something a little more substantial for heading out into the elements! So in addition to the promotion we are offering a service whereby for the cost of the soft shell jacket we will embroider your shops logo on in the same position as the promotion garments with the Arrma branding positioned on the back. To take us up on this please contact us via email ( with sizing and quantities.

This is not a part of the promotion and is a seperate service we are offering in addition.