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Goldberg Gentle Lady Glider Kit
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SRP: £82.50

Carl's quintessential glider design.

When it comes to economical high-performance R/C soaring, the Lady's still the champ! This model gives beginners plenty of time to sort things out, yet providing experienced flyers with those extra-long flights. Take her out and you'll know why so many thousands of modelers have fallen in love with the Gentle Lady.

The Gentle Lady sailplane was designed to be a gentle trainer for the beginning R/C modeler, yet to possess competition capability in the hands of the experienced glider pilot. As a very efficient machine, she reacts quickly to thermals. To stay in the thermal, the Gentle Lady can circle very tightly without falling off. The model has good penetration into the wind and can really cruise when desired.

The Gentle Lady can be flown a number of ways: hand tow, high-start, as a slope soarer, or under power. The simplest method is hand tow, which resembles towing a kite into the air. High-start (or bungee launch) is a combination of elastic cord and tow line. When stretched, the high-start will gently tow the model up to an altitude of several hundred feet from which long flights can be attained. A variation of the high-start is the more expensive powered winch, which is popular with glider clubs. If you live near unobstructed hills or ridges, slope soaring is easily possible, so long as you have a suitable landing area. Hand launching the model off the upwind side of the slope, directly into the wind, will enable you, with practice, to soar back and forth along the slope in the rising air for as long as the wind remains. Finally, the use of power is an excellent option, and instructions and plan show typical installations for nose and pod mounting of an engine.


  • 2 channel system with 2 standard size servos
  • Two rolls of covering material

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