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Orion "E" (EP RC)

The success of the original Orion glider gave the West Wings design team a great idea. Why not make an electric version? It was not quite as easy as that, as the Orion fuselage did not have the spare space and strength required to accommodate the motor, battery and speed controller. So they decided to design a new one! It's still a 'slot together' CNC cut design, similar to the Orion glider, but with the additional space and strength needed for the electric power equipment.

The new fuselage was designed to accept a standard 400 size motor and 7/8 cells (2/3 A size). These and the required 6 x 3 folding propeller are not supplied in the kit, but can easily be obtained from your local model shop.

The Orion wing was pretty strong but the Orion E has been improved with the addition of lower leading edge sheeting to create a full 'D' section. This easily copes with the increased load created by the extra weight of the power set.

Flight performance is almost 'sparkling' and well up to the standards of sophisticated models costing much more. Stability is good and you could easily use the Orion E as a second model after basic training.

With a span of just under 60", the Orion E makes a great model to pack for a family holiday. Small, no mess and loads of fun. What more could you want?

Technical Data

Wingspan59.5 inches
ScaleNon Scale
Battery7-8 Cell
PowerSpeed 400 (Electric)