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1/6 Menace HP BELTED Fr/Rr 5.7" MT Tires Mounted 24mm Blk Ra
Pro-line Racing Pro-line Racing 0675118179667
SRP: £99.99


This is a pair of Menace HP 5.7" tires. Pro-Line has taken our lightweight belted tire & wheel combination for X-MAXX® and KRATON™ 8S to the next level with our highest performance street tire ever: The Menace HP mounted on Raid 5.7" Wheels! Pro-Line Menace tires are 1:1 racing-inspired tread designed to give your rig massive traction on your street, parking lot, or track.

The Menace HP tires are BELTED to handle extreme power and high speeds with ease. No tire ballooning here! Transform the handling of your truck with the low-profile carcass, deep grooves, and long-lasting compound, also great for speed runs! These tires and Raid 5.7" wheels have been developed from the ground up to be lightweight and durable enough to handle extreme X-MAXX® and KRATON™ 8S punishment to give you the best all-around bashing experience possible.

The Raid 5.7" Black Wheel features a 24mm hex with the standard 1/5 scale through-hole to fit most 1/5 scale vehicles and includes machined aluminum wheel washers to fit onto the popular X-MAXX® platform. Inspired by popular full-size off-road wheels, the Raid 5.7" wheel is extremely tough and has the bold style to match. This tire and wheel package is proudly manufactured at Pro-Line Headquarters in the USA! If you are ready to take your X-MAXX® and KRATON™ 8S to the next level of Performance and Durability, then you need Pro-Line's Menace HP BELTED Tires mounted to Raid 5.7" Wheels!

Please note that the Menace HP tires have a maximum speed rating that, if exceeded, could result in permanently damaging the internal belt. For the Menace HP tires that is 75 mph or about 3,200 RPM. Over revving your Menace HP tires could result in breaking the internal belt, which will NOT be covered under warranty. This can be caused by "diffing out" your tires or holding the throttle open while one, two, or three of your tires are stopped, which substantially increases the RPM sent to the free-spinning tire or tires.

Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted

PRO1020510 | Menace HP Street BELTED Tires Mounted on Raid 5.7" Black Wheels (2) for X-MAXX®, KRATON™ 8S & Other Large Scale 24mm Hex Vehicles Front or Rear

X-MAXX® is a registered trademark of Traxxas® L.P.



  • Lightweight, BELTED, and Durable
  • BELTED Tire Handles extreme Power and High Speeds with Ease
  • Racing-inspired Tread, great for speed-runs
  • 24mm Hex with Standard 1/5 Scale Through Hole to Fit Most Large-Scale Vehicles
  • Maximum Long Lasting Street Traction
  • Foam Inserts Included
  • Machined Aluminum Wheel Washers Included to Fit the X-MAXX® Platform
  • Made in the USA, since 1982
  • 24mm Hex with Standard 1/5 Scale Through Hole to Fit Most Large-Scale Vehicles
  • Machined Aluminum Wheel Washers Included to Fit the X-MAXX® Platform
  • Extremely Tough with Bold Style to Match
  • Blacked-out Raid Wheel Styling
  • Made in the USA, since 1982


  • KRATON™ 8S (ARA110002 and ARA5208)
  • X-MAXX®
  • Other Large Scale Vehicles with 24mm Hex



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