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  • New
  • Pro Boat
  • Recoil 2 18 inch Brushless Deep V RTR
  • ETA: Early March


From the moment they first hit the water, Pro Boat Recoil deep-Vs took the RC boating world by storm. With the Recoil's easy operation, even hobby newcomers could rip across the lake like seasoned pros. Pro Boat then added fuel to the fire with the awesome looks, incredible performance, and advanced self-righting capabilities of the next-generation 26" Recoil 2. Its massive success has inspired Pro Boat to create the Recoil 2 18" - a smaller, lower-priced version with the same exciting performance and supercharged style.

Like its "big brother" deep-V, the Pro Boat Recoil 2 18" comes completely ready-to-run. But don't let its smaller dimensions fool you. This little boat is a rocket ship! Propelled by a factory-installed Spektrum brushless power system, it slices across your local pond or small lake in the blink of an eye, at 25+ mph speeds. If there's a wipeout away from shore, never fear. With one long press of the self-righting button on the included Spektrum SLT3 transmitter, your Recoil 2 18" instantly flips upright to get back into action.

Affordable, easy to run, and conveniently sized, the Pro Boat Recoil 2 18" is perfect for anyone just starting out in the RC boat hobby. There's also plenty here to capture the hearts of experienced boat modelers. As Pro Boat's only high-performance mini boat, the Recoil 2 18" wears the best liveries on its high-impact ABS hull. Pro Boat partnered once again with Heat Wave Sunglasses and Shreddy - with the help of Blake Wilkey - to outfit the Recoil 2 18" with your choice of two sweet-looking, officially licensed trim scheme options.
Everything you need to run the Recoil 2 18" comes in the box. The Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz radio system combines standard-setting dependability and ergonomics with all the functions you need to enjoy every moment of your time on the water. The Smart 3S 1300mAh LiPo battery is paired with an S120 USB-C Smart Charger that makes recharging fast, simple, and safe. A handy boat stand is included for display and maintenance, and AA transmitter batteries are supplied.

The compact Recoil 2 18" fits easily into your car to take wherever a suitably sized body of water waits. It also fits conveniently into a backpack of your choice, for carrying to those epic small ponds that require a hike. It's not for your backyard pool, but will be right at home cutting loose at your local pond or small lake. With its ready-to-run simplicity, custom Heat Wave or Shreddy liveries, and worry-free self-righting, the Pro Boat Recoil 2 18" deep-V brings big fun to mini RC boats!

  • Incredible deep-V styling and performance
  • Proven self-righting capabilities
  • Completely ready-to-run with Spektrum Smart LiPo battery and charger included
  • Powerful, water-cooled Spektrum brushless motor and ESC
  • Factory-finished in two officially licensed livery options
  • Heat Wave livery modeled after Apollo Sunglasses: Blurr Customs
  • Shreddy livery selected by Blake Wilkey as his livery of choice
  • Includes Spektrum SLT3 transmitter and dual protocol SR315 receiver
  • Provides seven minutes of run time at 25+ mph speeds
  • Damage-resistant break away rudder
  • Adjustable metal hardware
  • Composite display/work stand

Self-righting Design

If your boat flips over in the middle of the lake, there's no need to worry. The self-righting feature of the Recoil 2 18" deep-V gets you upright and back into action with one long press of a button on the Spektrum SLT3 transmitter.

Brushless Performance and Efficiency

With its factory-installed Spektrum Firma 2950Kv brushless marine motor, the Recoil 2 18" deep-V delivers strong performance straight out of the box.

Custom Shreddy and Heat Wave Liveries

The officially licensed livery options created by Shreddy and Heat Wave Visual will get you pumped even before you hit the water! The Heat Wave livery is styled after the Apollo Sunglasses: Blurr Customs. You can rock the shades AND the waves with this model. The high-impact Shreddy livery was selected by Blake Wilkey as his personal favorite. It's clean and wild!

Brake away rudder

Any RC boat is bound to have an accident eventually. When it happens, the rudder is usually the first part to bend or break. But the break away rudder of the Recoil 2 18" is designed to swing out if it strikes a solid object. That keeps it from breaking off of the hull and minimizes damage to the rudder itself. You don't even need to replace screws. Just push the rudder back into place and tighten it up!

Adjustable Metal Hardware

The Recoil 2 18" is equipped with an aluminium prop strut and bendable, stainless steel trim tabs and turn fins. The adjustable hardware lets you fine-tune the ride to suit your running style, helping you get the best performance in any water conditions.

S120 USB-C Charger

Battery recharging has never been easier. Just plug the included Spektrum 3S Smart LiPo battery into the Spektrum S120 USB-C Smart charger. Using Smart technology, the charger detects the correct cell count, charging amperage, and battery type. It then begins safe charging automatically. You won't wait long - charging times typically take less than an hour.

SLT3 2.4GHz Radio

The included Spektrum SLT3 transmitter and SR315 receiver create a secure, unbreakable connection between you and your Recoil 2 18" deep-V. Because the receiver is dual protocol, the boat is also ready when you are for an upgrade to a DSMR transmitter with advanced capabilities.

Water-cooled ESC and Motor

The Pro Boat Recoil 2 18" comes with a Spektrum Firma 2950Kv brushless outrunner marine motor and Spektrum Firma 30A brushless marine ESC, both already installed. Water-cooled heatsinks keep temperatures down inside the enclosed deep-V hull, ensuring that the electronics will provide many hours of reliable operation.
Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  B-PRB08053T1 Recoil 2 18" Self-Righting Brushless Deep-V RTR, Shreddy £249.99  
  B-PRB08053T2 Recoil 2 18" Self-Righting Brushless Deep-V RTR, Heatwave £249.99  
  • (1) Pro Boat Recoil 2 18" Self-Righting Brushless RTR
  • (1) Spektrum 3S 1300mAh 30C Smart LiPo Battery w/IC3 Connector
  • (1) Spektrum S120 USB-C Smart Battery Charger 1x20W
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 2931 2950Kv 8-Pole Outrunner Marine Motor
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 30A Brushless Marine ESC 2-3S
  • (1) Spektrum SLT3 3-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter and SR315 Receiver
  • (1) Horizon 13g Micro Waterproof Servo
  • (1) Instruction Manual
  • (1) Composite Boat Stand
  • (4) AA Batteries

  • Nothing! Everything you need to have fun with the Recoil 2 18" RTR is included in the box.

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