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17-01-2022 - New Blade 150 S Smart
14-01-2022 - New Blade Fusion 180 LE
13-01-2022 - New Arrma FIRETEAM Tactical Unit 6S RTR

December 2021
New E-Flite F-14 Tomcat Twin EDF
New RealFlight 9.5S Flight Simulator

November 2021
New Losi Tenacity DB Pro SMART RTR
New Axial Capra 4WS Trail Buggy RTR
Offer Mini-T 2.0 Pre-Order Offer
New E-Flite Habu SS 70mm EDF Jet

October 2021
New Pro Boat Miss Geico Zelos 36 RTR
New Hangar 9 P-47 Thunderbolt PNP
New Arrma Infraction Mega Street Bash RTR
New Arrma Vendetta 3S Speed Bash Racer RTR
New Axial SCX6 Jeep JLU Wrangler RTR

September 2021
New Arrma TLR Tuned Typhon Roller
New Losi DBXL-E 2.0 Desert Buggy RTR
New Spektrum AR10100T & AR10360T
New E-Flite Carbon Z Cessna 150T 2.1m

July 2021
New E-Flite Night Radian 2.0m Glider
New Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 60" PNP
New E-Flite RV-7 1.1m

July 2021
New Axial SCX10 III Early Ford Bronco RTR
New E-Flite UMX Radian BNF Basic
New Losi Super Rock Rey RTR
New E-Flite Ultrix 600mm BNF Basic
New Arrma Outcast 6S Stunt Truck RTR
New Arrma Talion 6S Speed Truggy RTR

June 2021
New Spektrum iX20 Special Edition
New E-Flite Pitts S-1S BNF Basic
New E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub SS 2.1m
New Pro Boat Veles 29 Catamaran
New E-Flite Viper 90mm EDF
Update Radio Active Price Change Alert
New Pro Boat Impulse 32 Smart RTR
New Arrma 1/5 Outcast EXB Roller
New HobbyZone Mini Apprentice RTF
New E-Flite Turbo Timber Evolution

May 2021
New Pro Boat UL-19 Hydroplane
New Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 SCT BND
New Castle Creations Copperhead 10
New Spektrum PowerStage Bundles
New Pro Boat Blackjack 42" 8S Catamaran RTR
New Axial RBX10 Ryft Builders Kit
New E-Flite F-16 Falcon 80mm EDF Fighter Jet

April 2021
New Losi Ford Raptor Rock Rey Smart RTR
New Arrma Vorteks Stadium Truck RTR
New Blade Nano S3 Helicopter

March 2021
New E-Flite DRACO 2.0m Ultimate Bush Plane
New Spektrum S1200 G2 200W Charger
New E-Flite UMX A-10 Thunderbolt II
New Spektrum NX8 with AR8020T Receiver
New Arrma 1/5th Kraton EXB
New Arrma Branded Clothing
New Gens Ace Imars III 100W AC Charger

February 2021
New Castle Creations Mamba Monster 8S

January 2021
New Spektrum G2 Smart Batteries
New Spektrum G2 Smart Chargrs
New E-Flite Focke-Wulf Fw 190A 1.5m
New E-Flite T-28 Trojan 1.1m
New Axial RBX10 Ryft Rock Bouncer

December 2020
New E-Flite UMX Night Vapor

November 2020
New Losi LMT Grave Digger & Son Uva Digger
New Hangar 9 OV-10 Bronco 30cc ARF
New Arrma 6S Vehicle Range Update
New Losi Mini-B 2WD Buggy RTR
New Axial B-17 Betty RTR

October 2020
New Spektrum NX Transmitter Range
New Arrma 1/7 Mojave EXB Roller
New Castle Creations Mamba XLX2 ESC
Promotion Arrma Christmas Pre-Order Promo

September 2020
New RealFlight 9.5 Simulator
New Losi Super Baja Rey 2.0 RTR
New E_Flite V1200 with Smart Technology
New Losi Mini-T 2.0 Brushless RTR
New HobbyZone Mini AeroScout RTF
New TLR 8IGHT-XE Competition Kit

August 2020
New Axial SCX10 III Jeep JT Gladiator RTR
New Hangar 9 Pitts S-2B 50-60cc ARF
New Arrma Infraction 6S BLX Street Bash RTR
New Arrma Felony 6S BLX Street Bash RTR
New Losi Lasernut U4 Rock Racer RTR
New TLR 8IGHT XT/XTE Truggy Race Kit
New Arrma 3S Vehicle Range Update
New Arrma 550 Mega Vehicle Range Update
New E-Flite Habu STS 70mm EDF Smart Trainer

July 2020
New E-Flite Conscendo Evolution 1.5m
New Spektrum DXS Transmitter
New HobbyZone Carbon Cub S 2
New Arrma Outcast 1/5th Stunt Truck
New Arrma Kraton Extreme Bash Roller

June 2020
New E-Flite Ultimate 3D BNF Basic & PNP
New Axial SCX10 III Jeep JLU Wrangler RTR

May 2020
New E-Flite Night Timber X 1.2m
New Spektrum S1100 100W Charger
New Spektrum DX5 Rugged Green Edition
New Blade 120 S2 RTF / BNF

April 2020
New Axial RR10 Bomber 2.0 RTR
New E-Flite UMX Citation Longitude Twin EDF

March 2020
New E-Flite A-10 Thunderbolt II 64mm EDF
New Hangar 9 Cubcrafters Carbon Cub ARF
News Logic RC Trading Update
New Axial SCX10 III Jeep JL Wrangler
New Gens Ace New LiPo Ranges
New Hobbyzone Sport Cub S 2

February 2020
Promotion Arrma 2020 Promotion Video
New E-Flite Air Tractor 1.5m
New Axial SMT10 Builders Kit
New Axial SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10

January 2020
New Axial SCX24 Deadbolt Rock Crawler RTR
New TLR 8IGHT-X Elite Race Kit
New E-Flite P-51D Mustang 1.5m
New E-Flite UMX Ultrix BNF Basic

December 2019
New TLR 22X-4 Race Kit 4WD
New E-Flite Twin Otter 1.2m

November 2019
New Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy RTR
New Arrma Kraton 8S BLX 1/5 Speed MT RTR
New TLR 22 5.0 DC Elite Race Kit
New Losi Mini-T 2.0 Stadium Truck RTR
New Spektrum DX5 Rugged Orange Edition
New E-Flite SU-30 Twin 70mm EDF Jet
New Spektrum iX20 Transmitter
New Blade 330 SRTF & BNF Basic

October 2019
New Losi DBXL-E 2.0 Desert Buggy RTR
New Axial SCX10 II 1955 F-100 RTR
New E-Flite F-18 Hornet 80mm EDF
New Axial SCX24 Jeep Wrangler RTR
New Losi Tenacity DB Pro 4WD RTR

September 2019
New E-flite Carbon-Z T-28 BNF Basic
New Spektrum S1500 & S150 Smart Chargers
New Arrma Granite Mega 550 Brushed RTR
New Axial Capra 1.9 Trail Buggy Kit
New Spektrum Firma Smart ESC Range
New Spektrum Avian Smart ESC Range
New Arrma 1/8 Typhon 550 Mega Brushed RTR
New RealFlight RF9 Simulator
New Blade mCP X BL2 BNF Basic
New Arrma 1/7 Mojave 6S Desert Truck RTR

July 2019
New Hangar 9 Ki-43 Oscar 50-60cc ARF
New E-Flite EC-1500 Twin Cargo Aircraft
New Radio Active Model Boat Accessories

July 2019
New Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 RTR
New E-Flite Apprentice STS
New Blade 150 S BNF Basic
New E-Flite F-16 Falcon 64mm EDF Jet
New Gens Ace Battery Range

June 2019
New Arrma 3S Family with Spektrum
New Arrma Infraction 1/7 Street Bash RTR
New Arrma Limitless 1/7 Speed Bash Roller

May 2019
New HobbyZone AeroScout S 1.1m
New ECX Brutus 1/10 2WD Monster Truck
New Pro Boat Miss Geico Zelos 36 Twin RTR
New Hangar 9 Timber 30-50cc ARF
New E-Flite Havoc 80mm EDF
New Blade Fusion 180
New E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub SS
New Arrma Kraton 4S Monster Truck RTR

April 2019
New Arrma Outcast 4S Stunt Truck RTR
New Axial SC10 II UMG10 4WD Kit
New Arrma 1/8th 6S Family with Spektrum
New Spektrum SMART Batteries
New E-Flite P-39 Airacobra 1.2m
New E-Flite V-22 Osprey VTOL
New Blade Fusion 360 BNF Basic

March 2019
New Axial Wtaith 1.9 4WD RTR
New Losi Ford Raptor RTR
New E-Flite F-4 Phantom II 80mm EDF
New E-Flite Turbo Timber 1.5m

February 2019
New Hangar 9 Fokker D.VII ARF
New Blade Nano S2 Micro heli
New Blade Inductrix Switch Air
New Radio Active Scale Accessories
New TLR 8IGHT X-E Race Kit
New E-Flite F-15 Eagle 64mm EDF

January 2019
New Spektrum Smart Battery Checker
New ECX Axe 1/10 Monster Truck RTR
New E-Flite Timber X 1.2m
New Losi 22S SCT RTR
New E-Flite Extra 300 3D