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  • 1/8th 8IGHT-X/E Nitro & Electric Buggy Combo Race Kit
  • ETA: August 2022

The original 8IGHT-X ushered in a new era of TLR 1/8 scale buggies. The Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-X/E 2.0 Race Kit takes everything we've learned and applied it to this new platform with incredible attention to detail to make this the fastest and easiest to drive TLR 1/8 buggy yet. With the 8IGHT-X/E 2.0, drivers achieve the next level of performance, drivability, and speed. This Team Losi Racing Race Kit has updated everything that made it a regular on the podium including the drivetrain, suspension geometry, and chassis layout. The 8IGHT-X/E 2.0 can be driven harder and with more pace and is a fantastic vehicle right out of the box for all levels of consumers. It includes all the desired factory team option parts and uses common metric hardware for worldwide appeal. Plus, it includes the parts needed to build the vehicle either as Nitro or Electric in a one-box purchase. Team Losi Racing is always pursuing excellence, the 8IGHT-X/E 2.0 Race Kit is the one to beat with features and performance destined for podium greatness.

  • Rear Adjustable Hubs
  • Square Insert Pills and Narrower Rear Pivots
  • 7075 3mm Aluminium Chassis
  • Centre Diff Setup offering more rigidity and is lighter
  • Brake Setup provide more consistent force and feel
  • Tunable Front and Rear Shock Tower
  • Cab Forward Style Body
  • Nitro and Electric Ready
  • Updated Front Spindles
  • Front and Rear Universals for smoother turns
  • Aluminium Wheel Hexes
  • Radio Tray updated for better balance
  • Adjustable Steering Rack
  • Adjustable Wing Mount
  • Optimized Shocks
  • Stronger Insert/Truss Suspension Arms
  • Updated Gear Differential
  • Updated Suspension Geometry
  • Larger Pinion Bearing
  • Adjustable Caster Blocks
  • Sway Bar System for consistent suspension
  • Updated Chassis Side Guards for more protection
  • Bleeder Shock Caps
  • Better Diff Access

Nitro and Electric Ready

All of the parts needed to run either nitro or electric are included in one box.

Suspension Geometry

The 8IGHT-X/E 2.0 next-generation suspension geometry has further been updated making a car that is fast, nimble, and even easier to drive. This includes a myriad of updates including, a wider front pivot with less scrub radius, narrower rear pivot, and updated hub offset, longer suspension arms, and more suspension mounting locations.

Square Insert Pills and Narrower Rear Pivots

All pivot mounts have been updated to use square pills to offer more tunability. The rear pivots are now narrowed to improve the front to rear roll of the car and provide more rear grip in all situations and better-balanced front to rear.

7075 3mm Aluminium Chassis

The chassis is new to the 8IGHT-X/E 2.0 and is made from 7075 3mm thick aluminium and hard anodized for the best wear possible. The chassis is also milled out deeper to allow for more flex and the lightest 1/8 chassis to date.

Steering Rack

The steering rack allows more Ackerman adjustments and an improved servo saver to eliminate bellcrank bind during high loads. Also, the rear mounting points moved in and back allowing the drag link to sway back for a more linear steering feel.

Front and Rear Shock Tower

The rear shock tower works with the new rear gearbox and pivots. The front shock tower is shorter to decrease the front chassis roll as well as lower the CG. Both have been lightened, new camber link mounting positions, as well as shock mounting positions to provide the tuneability and durability racers, are looking for.

Bleeder Shock Caps

Machined aluminium shock caps with threaded bleeder holes for easy and consistent bleeding of oil. Bladders and Emulsion seals are included for tuning to your track conditions and driving style.

Front and Rear Universals

The 8IGHT-X/E 2.0 includes universals for the front and rear which are shorter and lighter which makes the car smoother in existing turns and aids in the flow in bumpy track conditions.

Wing Mount

8IGHT-X/E 2.0 uses the wing mount from the 8IGHT-X Truggy that offers different heights and positions for ultimate traction control.

Centre Diff Setup

The centre diff mount is a new moulded composite piece offering more rigidity and the new integrated mount for the throttle servo is lighter. The E buggy side will be handled using an updated center diff setup from the 8XT.

Brake Setup

The brake cams have been updated and the brakes are now freer and provide better and more consistent braking force and feel.

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  C-TLR04012 1/8 8IGHT-X/E 2.0 Combo 4WD Nitro/Electric Race Buggy Kit £839.99  
  • (1) Complete 1/8 8ight-X/E 4WD Kit

  • (1) Transmitter and Receiver
  • (1) Steering Servo
  • (1) Compatible Battery Charger
  • (1) Tyre Glue
  • (4) Tyres
  • Polycarbonate Paint
  • Tools (Please reference the manual for more details)
  • (1) Nitro Engine and Tuned Pipe
  • (1) Receiver Battery
  • (1) Receiver Switch
  • (1) Throttle Servo
  • (1) Fuel Bottle
  • (1) 20-30% Nitro Fuel
  • (1) Starter Box
  • (1) Brushless Motor
  • (1) Brushless ESC
  • (1) 4S 14.8V LiPo Battery or
  • (2) 2S 7.4V LiPo Batteries with Jump Lead
Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  O-GAC100PRO-UK IMars III 10A Charger 2-6S/3-18NiMH 100W AC £64.99  
  O-GAC200WDUAL IMars Dual Charger AC 200W / DC 600W £154.99  
  O-DYNC2030UK Prophet Sport Mini 50W Multichemistry Charger £37.50  
  P-SPM5025 DX5 Pro 2021 DSMR TX w/SR2100 £374.99  
  P-SPMSS6280 S6280 Standard Digital HV Ultra Torque High Speed Waterproof £149.99  
  O-GC4H6000-130G5 Li-Po HV Car Hard Case 4S 15.2V 6000mAh 130C RL with 5mm £134.99  
  O-SPMXC2020I S1200 Smart G2 AC Charger, 1x200W EU £169.99  
  O-SPMX54S50H5 5000mAh 4S 14.8V SMART G2 50C IC5 £129.99  
  O-GC2H6000S-130G5 Li-Po HV Car Hard Case 2S2P 7.6V 6000mAh 130C RL Short 5mm £79.99  
  O-GC2H5100S-130G5 Li-Po HV Car Hard Case 2S2P 7.6V 5100mAh 130C RL Short 5mm £64.99  
  O-DYNB0510 7.4V 3200MAh Li-Ion RX pack £39.99  
  G-PRO3603-00 1/8 Axis Clear Body for TLR 8ight-X/E 2.0 £32.50  
  G-PRO9041-233 1/8 Hole Shot 2.0 S3 Front/Rear Buggy Tires Mounted 17mm Whi £34.99  
  G-PRO9064-233 1/8 Slide Lock S3 Front/Rear Buggy Tires Mounted 17mm White £32.50  
  G-PRO9064-32 1/8 Slide Lock M3 Front/Rear Buggy Tires Mounted 17mm White £32.50  
  G-PRO9071-233 1/8 Convict S3 Front/Rear Buggy Tires Mounted 17mm White Whe £34.99  
  G-PRO9062-32 1/8 Buck Shot M3 Front/Rear Buggy Tires Mounted 17mm White ( £32.50  
  G-PRO9063-233 1/8 Buck Shot S3 F/R 4.0" Tires Mounted 17mm Wht Zero Offst £54.99  
  G-PRO9039-233 1/8 Blockade S3 Front/Rear Buggy Tires Mounted 17mm White (2 £34.99  
  P-SPMSS6290 S6290 Ultra Torque High Speed HV WP Metal Servo £139.99  

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