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Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit for most On-Road RC Bod
Protoform Protoform 0675118162263
SRP: £39.99

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for mounting painted r/c car bodies
  • Pinpoint accuracy from high-powered magnets
  • Made from high-quality red-anodized aluminum with convenient storage box
  • Fits most on-road chassis body posts


Have you ever painted up a killer race body, only to botch the mounting job by aligning it off-center, crooked, or too far forward or back on your chassis?

We've got a tool for you! The PROTOform Crosshair Body Mounting Kit uses high-powered magnets to pinpoint the exact position of your car's body posts. This simple but effective system is designed to ensure your race body is mounted just the way you intended. Here's how it works:

1. Place a Crosshair Body Post Cap on each of your chassis' 4 body posts, securing them in place with a body clip. (Not included)

2. Place your painted body on top of the posts, centering it from left to right as well as determining the fore/aft position, which can affect handling characteristics. (Standard position would be to center the front wheel opening trim line to the front axle of your chassis)

3. Hold a Marking Magnet on the outside of your body close to where the body posts are. The magnet will attach itself to the precise position.

4. Mark your body post position through the hole on the Marking Magnet with a fine-tip marker.

5. Drill your body post holes on the marked locations with a body reamer or power drill.

Voila! All the hassle and guesswork of mounting your race body is taken out of the equation. Now you can hit the track in style.

Crosshair Body Post Caps (4 pcs)
Marking Magnets (4 pcs)
Storage Box


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