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1/10 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Pro Mod Clear Body: Dr
Protoform Protoform 0675118181066
SRP: £49.99


One of the most iconic drag cars of yesteryear is now available for your No Prep RC Drag Car! PROTOform introduces the 1963 Chevy® Corvette Stingray™ Pro-Mod.

This officially licensed body combines scale realism with a low-LCG aerodynamic upgrade to your 13.2" wheelbase No Prep Drag Car. We combined the signature "split-window", enlarged rear haunches and low-slung nose with some stretched, pro-mod drag racing proportions to transform your no-prep car into a scale-1/4-mile beast. The exaggerated ribs and front fenders create an extra stiff hood area to avoid folding down at high speeds. Due to the overall slammed design of the hood, this body will only fit the latest high-end No Prep racing models with low-profile front shock towers.

The Stingray Pro Mod features a built-in spoiler, but for top-level Outlaw Class racers, we recommend pairing the Stingray™ with the upgrade Outlaw Wing Kit (PRM173400) for maximum stability and performance at blazing fast speeds. Just trim the rear spoiler lip off your Stingray™ and mount the wing on the conveniently marked dimples.

The '63 Corvette Stingray™ Pro Mod body is Made in the USA from our crystal-clear polycarbonate and includes a detailed decal sheet and window masks. Give your SC drag car the most unique look at the strip with PROTOform's Corvette Stingray™ Pro Mod!

Don't forget to submit your finished PROTOform body to Reader's Rides when you are done. Who knows, you could get your ride posted on the blog and you could even win a prize!

This is sold as a clear and unpainted body. Image of the painted body is only to display details. No vehicle chassis is included with this product.

PRM158800 | 1963 Chevrolet® Corvette Stingray™ Pro-Mod Clear Body for SC-Based No Prep Drag Cars with low-profile front shock towers



  • Officially Licensed by GM
  • State of the Art Aerodynamics
  • Classic Pro-Mod Styling
  • Add the PRM173400 Outlaw Wing (sold Separately) if Your Drag Car is Blazing Fast
  • Paint-then-peel Overspray Film Built-in
  • Made with Crystal Clear Polycarbonate
  • Made in the USA, since 1982

Four Steps to Drag Ready

  1. Clean Body and apply included window mask
  2. Paint then peel the over-spray film off
  3. Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
  4. Mount your new body onto your chassis


  • 13.2" Wheelbase Drag Cars (SC Based) with low-profile front shock towers


25.0" (634mm)
11.27" (286mm)
5.58" (141mm)
13.2" (335mm)
General Motors


General Motors trademarks used under license.


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