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Pro-Line Liquid Mask (16oz)
Pro-line Racing Pro-line Racing 0675118173566
SRP: £32.50


Pro-Line Liquid Mask is what you need to take your custom-painted RC bodies to the next level, just like the Pros! Say goodbye to masking tape and bleeding edges! Our liquid mask is ready to spray or brush onto your RC body straight from the bottle with no thinning needed. It conforms to tough-to-reach areas or complex curves with ease, allowing you to precisely cut your livery design and peel color-by-color for a flawless look.

This premium, environmentally friendly, water-based liquid mask comes in a 16oz bottle with a convenient flip-up spout cap: just squirt some liquid mask into your RC body and brush onto all surfaces and corners with a soft-bristled or foam brush. To speed things up and for more even coverage, you can also spray the mask through any airbrush or paint gun with a .8mm tip or larger. it works well with both water and lacquer-based paints and dries translucent so you can easily see your drawn out design. 

Up your painting game: get Pro-Line liquid mask today!

PRO632401 | Pro-Line Liquid Mask (16 oz.)



  • Professional Results
  • Developed by R/C Painters for R/C Painters
  • Ready to Spray or Brush, No Thinning Needed
  • Allows for Precise Line Designs
  • Virtually Eliminate Paint Bleeding
  • Environmentally Friendly Formulation
  • Convenient Flip-top Spout Lid for Easy Dispensing


  • Secure the lid & shake well. Test on a sample piece before on final product.
  • Clean body with residue-free soap/warm water or glass cleaner.
  • SPRAY: Apply 2-3 medium wet even coats with a .8mm + tip spray gun. Allow the first coat to completely dry before applying a second coat. Dry time around 1-2 hours at room temperature.
  • BRUSH: Apply generously 2-3 coats with a flat (Nylon/Foam) paintbrush. Allow the first coat to completely dry before applying a second coat. Dry time around 1-2 hours at room temperature.
  • Pro-Tip: Speed up drying time by using a hair dryer or heat gun.
  • Clean the spray gun or brush immediately with water.
  • Cut your whole design into the fully dried liquid mask with a sharp hobby knife before painting.
  • Peel the mask away from the darkest paint color section first, spray your paint, and repeat, going from the darkest paint section to the lightest until completed.


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