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  • New
  • Losi
  • 1/6th 8IGHT-X Super Lasernut BL Buggy RTR
  • ETA: Late July

Ultra4 racing is a unique mix of off-road motorsports. There are challenging rock trails that require precision and torque. The desert floor is filled with ruts and whoops to conquer at 80 mph speeds. Then comes the dry lake bed, where the pedal hits the metal and the top gear gets you over 120 mph. Breakdowns are inevitable, but the clock doesn't stop for repairs. Ultra4 is the ultimate form of off-road competition!

The ready-to-run Losi Super Lasernut reproduces one of Ultra4 racing's most successful vehicles - Cody Waggoner's incredible Lasernut U4 - in highly detailed, high-powered 1/6 scale. Anyone who's an extreme off-roader at heart will feel their pulse race when experiencing its perfect blend of performance and scale realism. You'd never expect that this is also Losi's most affordable large scale buggy.

For drivers with a competitive streak, one of the biggest highlights is an independent suspension based on the ROAR Nationals winning platform, the TLR 8IGHT. It's quite possibly the best suspension available for desert racing's style of cornering and jumping.

Other standout features include a rugged, all-metal 4WD driveline built to handle extreme off-road terrain, and a 6S-capable Spektrum brushless power system that delivers top speeds in excess of 50 mph. Spektrum radio equipment is also included that offers the unmatched advantages of Smart technology for exceptional performance, convenience, and reliability.
Because the Super Lasernut shares the same platform as championship-winning TLR 8IGHT racing buggies and truggies, it also accepts many top-of-the-line TLR option parts. If you enjoy using your mechanical skills to get results, wait until you see what you can do with the Super Lasernut. Next-level racing performance is only a few well-chosen upgrades away.

One look at the factory-finished body proves that Losi made no compromises in bringing the Lasernut U4 to 1/6 scale. From the helmet air hoses and fire extinguishers to safety nets and more, everything you'd expect to see on an Ultra4 racer is authentically reproduced. A functional LED lighting system ensures that the fun won't stop when the sun goes down. Of course, Losi also secured partnerships your favorite full-size off-road manufacturers in order to add numerous officially licensed details.

While the Super Lasernut is at home on the trails, in dirt lots, and in any large open areas, it lives for desert action where you can put yourself in U4 race driver's seat. Take it along with your quads, dirt bikes, and UTVs, for some fun back at camp with your family and friends.

Get the ready-to-run Losi Super Lasernut 4WD - and experience 1/6 scale off-road racing easily, affordably, and in the extreme.
  • Strong, 4mm thick aluminium chassis
  • Aluminium-bodied, adjustable oil shocks on aluminium shock towers
  • Aluminium spindles and adjustable steel turnbuckles
  • Oversized, high-torque Spektrum S905 steering servo
  • Spektrum DX3 2.4GHz Smart DSMR transmitter and dual protocol SR315 receiver
  • Accepts many TLR option parts for next-level performance
  • Loaded with accurate scale details
  • True race suspension geometry with adjustable camber, camber rate, shock angle, and ride height
  • Front, centre, and rear sealed differentials for maximum traction
  • Front and rear swaybars for stable cornering
  • Flip-top cage for easy battery access
  • Officially licensed Raceline Ryno wheels
  • Officially licensed BFGoodrich KR3 tyres
  • Fully functional spare tyre

Flip-Top Cage

Enjoy scale looks with less hassle. When it's time for maintenance or a battery swap, just remove the rear tyre, unlatch the front clip, and you have quick, easy access to the on-board components.

Licensed BF Goodrich KR3 Tyres

Not only are the officially licensed BFGoodrich KR3 tyres tough and realistic, but they also provide the Super Lasernut with relentless traction on the most extreme and demanding terrain.

Full Roll Cage

When its body panels are removed, the Super Lasernut still displays impressive realism with its race-inspired, moulded full roll cage.

LED Lights

The Super Lasernut is ready to play even after the desert sun sets, thanks to its realistic and functional lighting system. Losi includes amber light pods mounted to the pillar; a long, bright white front LED light; and a multi-colored rear LED light. It's just like the real thing!

Driver Figures

It takes a dedicated team to succeed in extreme off-road racing. At the wheel, you need a skilled and highly focused driver with a tremendous amount of stamina. The co-driver provides navigation expertise, interpreting maps and keeping their partner aware of where to turn and what obstacles lie ahead.

Moulded Body Details

If it's found on the full-size Lasernut U4, you'll find it here. An exhaustive amount of accurate detail has been moulded into the Super Lasernut body, including the mirrors, vents, fan unit, EXO bumper, fire extinguisher, and more.

Full-Metal Drivetrain

From the axles to the ring and pinion and main centre spur gear, every part of the driveline is made of heat-treated steel to withstand off-road abuse. Its strength and endurance have been put to the test in demanding, hour-long racing main events and proved up to the challenge!

Aluminium Chassis

Its 4mm thick aluminium chassis gives the Super Lasernut a stable foundation, along with the strength necessary to keep going through long stretches of punishing off-road racing.

Three Sealed Oil-Filled Differentials

The front, centre, and rear differentials allow each tyre to use the motor's torque to deliver maximum racing traction. You can tune the differentials with TLR silicone diff fluids (available separately) to adapt the Super Lasernut to different conditions.

Accepts TLR Upgrade Parts

Because the Super Lasernut shares the same platform as championship-winning TLR (Team Losi Racing) 8IGHT racing buggies and truggies, you can use many TLR option parts to upgrade it for next-level racing performance.

Adjustable Camber and Toe

The robust steel camber links and tie rods are quick and easy to adjust, letting you tune the way your Super Lasernut enters and exits the corners.

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  C-LOS04019 1/6 8IGHT-X Super Lasernut 4WD Brushless Buggy RTR £899.99  
  • (1) Fully Assembled Losi 1/6 8IGHT-X Super Lasernut 4WD Brushless Buggy RTR
  • (1) Spektrum DX3 2.4GHz Smart DSMR Transmitter
  • (4) AA Transmitter Batteries
  • (1) Spektrum S905 Waterproof Metal-Gear Digital Steering Servo
  • (1) Spektrum SR315 3-Channel Dual Protocol Receiver
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 4074 2050Kv Brushless Motor
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 150A Smart V2 Waterproof ESC
  • (1) Instruction Manual
  • Miscellaneous Tools

  • (2) 3S Hardcase LiPo Battery
  • (1) Compatible Charger
  • (1) LiPo Safe Charging Bag

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