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Product Overview

The Pro Boat Blackjack 42 Brushless 8S Catamaran is a return to the days of large-scale racing boats taking on all comers with style and speed. The 8S-rated Spektrum 160A High Voltage, water-cooled, Smart electronic speed controller works tirelessly to power the Spektrum Marine 4685 4 Pole, water-cooled motor which is capable of producing up to 5.3 horsepower and hitting 55+ MPH! There is no other boat in this size, with this much power, at such an affordable value. Of course, everything is controlled by the Spektrum Smart System making this speed demon incredibly intelligent. A Spektrum DX3 Transmitter and waterproof SR6110AT 6-Channel Telemetry Receiver keeps everything tightly connected for an interference free operation with built-in telemetry. The Blackjack also features an impact resistant polycarbonate hull, polycarbonate canopy with aluminium thumb screws, a clean moulded composite interior, and an aluminium rudder and propeller strut. Lay your cards on the table and make the lake your own with the Pro Boat Blackjack 42 Catamaran.

Product Features
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Hull
  • Polycarbonate Canopy with Aluminium Thumb Screws
  • Spektrum Marine 4685 4 Pole, Water-cooled Motor
  • Spektrum Smart 160A High Voltage, Water-cooled ESC
  • Clean Moulded Composite Interior
  • Aluminium Propeller Strut
  • Aluminium Rudder
  • Spektrum DX3 Transmitter
  • Spektrum SR6110AT 6-Channel Telemetry Receiver
  • Spektrum S904 1/6 Scale WP Digital Servo

Polycarbonate Canopy

Durable polycarbonate provides a watertight seal and the thumb screws mean no tape is necessary to retain the canopy on to the hull.

Included Boat Stand

This custom moulded plastic stand fits perfectly to the contour of the hull providing a rock stable platform to display or work on your boat. This boat stand will last for the life of your boat without the need to worry about water rotting a wooden stand.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Hull

Two piece shoe box construction for extreme hull durability. Moulded composite material is much more impact resistant than fibreglass.

Clean Moulded Composite Interior

This adds rigidity and strength to the hull. The interior is wood-free to avoid rot and decay. The grease cup prevents grease from spreading inside..

Aluminium Propeller Strut and Rudder

Both the propeller and rudder feature anodised aluminium. The rudder has a special break away feature that protects the hull from damage in case floating debris is struck.

Spektrum Smart technology is about offering a higher connection to your hobby. It's a connection that puts you in complete control, makes you more aware and more confident about the capability of your equipment-all while making vital components of your model easier to use than ever. The combined result is a sense that will make you wish everything about your hobby was smarter.

DX3 Radio System

The ergonomic design of the DX3 transmitter provides a feel that any driver will appreciate. Its overall low weight allows all-day driving with minimal fatigue. The control layout is amazingly intuitive - the servo reversing switches, steering and throttle trim dials, AVC/steering rate dial and 3-position throttle limiter are all perfectly positioned to be quickly accessible when needed and out of the way when not in use.

Smart Battery Level Indicator and Alarm

Never lose sight of your battery capacity when using SmartT LiPo batteries in the ProBoat Blackjack 42. The included Smart Transmitter communicates with the included Smart ESC and Receiver to show you the boat's remaining battery capacity on the DX3.(Smart Battery required).

Spektrum Smart 160A ESC

Able to handle all the power needed, it is programmable, water-cooled, waterproof, and Smart.

Spektrum Marine 4685 4 Pole, Water-cooled Motor

Rated at over 5 horsepower with 85%+ efficiency, this powerful 8S capable brushless and waterproof motor provides more than enough torque to hit 55+ MPH.

Spektrum SR6110AT 6CH Telemetry Receiver

The waterproof receiver ensures an interference free operation.

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  B-PRB08043T1 Blackjack 42" 8S Brushless Catamaran RTR: Black/Orange £749.99  
  B-PRB08043T2 Blackjack 42" 8S Brushless Catamaran RTR: White/Red £749.99  

What's in the Box?
  • (1) Pro Boat Blackjack 42 Brushless 8S Catamaran Boat
  • (1) Spektrum Marine 4685 4 Pole, Water-cooled Motor (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum Smart 160A High Voltage, Water-cooled ESC (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum S904 1/6 Scale WP Digital Servo (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum SR6110AT 6-Channel Telemetry Receiver (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum DX3 Transmitter
  • (1) Boat Stand
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • (2) 4S 5000mAh 50C+ Batteries with IC5 Connectors
  • (1) 4S Capable LiPo Charger
  • (1) LiPo Safe Charging Bag

Recommended Completion Items
Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  O-SPMXC2010I S2200 Smart G2 AC Charger 2x200W £249.99  
  O-SPMX50004S100H5 5000mAh 4S 14.8V 100C Smart LiPo Hardcase; IC5 £124.99  
  O-SPMXPS8HCI Spektrum Smart Powerstage Bundle 2 x 4S 5000mAh 100C IC5 £419.99  
  O-DYN1405 LiPo Charge Protection Bag, Large £22.50  

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