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The InFusion 120 is an all-new design from the Blade team engineered for next-level durability and performance. Featuring an oversized direct-drive power system, no gears are driving the main rotor, allowing for instant power and lower parts count. For intermediate to experienced heli pilots looking for high-performance capabilities in a small size, the InFusion 120 packs a punch perfect for thrilling aerobatics while flying in gymnasiums, backyards, and beyond. The InFusion 120 is easy to see while tearing up the sky with a one-piece canopy that's factory-finished in a vivid trim scheme and bright white landing gear. The factory-installed all-in-one ESC, flight controller, and receiver unit takes advancements from Spektrum Smart Technology and our latest flight controller algorithm to effortlessly provide valuable telemetry feedback and stable yet maneuverable flight capabilities. With BNF Basic convenience, all you have to do is add a 2S 280-300mAh battery (SPMX3002S30 is recommended), bind it to your compatible 6+ channel Spektrum DSMX equipped transmitter, and you're taking to the skies!

  • Fully Assembled: No building necessary and ready to bind to your compatible 6+ channel Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 equipped transmitter
  • Direct Drive Power Systems: Brushless outrunner main and tail motors deliver instant power in a simple design with no gears
  • AS3X Technology: Smooths out the effects of wind with no control limitations for nearly unlimited basic to 3D aerobatic capability
  • Optional-Use SAFE Technology: With automatic self-leveling to make flying a collective pitch helicopter easier
  • Progressive Flight Modes: Allow you to grow with this heli while building your collective pitch flying skills
  • Panic Recovery: Recover the helicopter to a level attitude with the flip of a switch/press of a button
  • Smart Technology: Provides valuable telemetry feedback to compatible Spektrum transmitters
  • Long Throw Linear Servos: Nearly indestructible with fast and precise control response
  • Ridged ABS Airframe: Lightweight yet durable for high crash resistance and easy repairs
  • High Visibility: Vivid canopy and white landing gear make it easy to maintain orientation


The lightweight airframe features durable polymers and carbon-fibre components that deliver mechanical precision and the tolerance to absorb typical mishaps

Size Matters

Larger than a micro-class machine, the InFusion 120 is great for outdoor flight in low wind, yet it's still small enough that it can be flown in a variety of indoor spaces.


The factory-installed all-in-one control unit features a Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX-compatible receiver, main and tail motor ESCs, mixer and flybarless controller. Pilots can also take advantage of voltage telemetry with compatible Spektrum transmitters. Count on the industry-leading reliability of Spektrum technology to deliver precision control that's ideal for any flying site environment.

Direct Drive Power System

The InFusion 120 features a direct drive main motor power system allowing for instant power with fewer parts and less maintenance when compared to a gear-driven main rotor. The motor shaft itself is made of hardened steel and is nearly indestructible.

Flybarless Mechanics

The flybarless head design offers a higher level of mechanical efficiency as well as a lower parts count which makes helicopter maintenance simpler.
Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  A-BLH6950 InFusion 120 BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE £229.99  
  • (1) Fully Assembled Blade InFusion 120 Heli
  • (1) Instruction Manual

  • 6+ Channel DSMX Transmitter
  • 300mAh 2S 7.4v 30C+ LiPo Battery with JST-PH connector
  • Suitable LiPo Charger

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