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Product Overview

Radio Active has an extensive range of functional and decorative accessories that satisfy a multitude of modelling needs and is a staple stocking item in any model shop. As a commonly stocked range we wanted to inform you of the price increase we are applying to the range due to the global price increase of raw materials. Whilst we appreciate this is never good news we are pleased to inform you that we have agreed a Trade Price freeze until the 1st July allowing you to take full advantage of the lower price point before the increase. Whilst the trade price will be frozen for the remained of the month the retail price across the range will be increased as of the 12th June. We see this as a perfect opportunity to take advantage of this price freeze and stock up on everything Radio Active just before the price increase, so head over to our website and get your orders in as soon as possible to benefit from the trade price freeze.

We have recently added a small number of Radio Active items to our website, below the items are listed.
New Radio Active Items
Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  F-RCA137A M2 Ball Joint (pk 2) £1.35  
  F-RCA137B M2 Offset Ball Joint (pk 2) £1.35  
  F-RCA137C M2 Ball Joint (Extended) (pk 2) £1.35  
  F-RCA137D M2 Screw Ball Joint (pk 2) £1.35  
  F-RCA148A HD Ball Joint (pk 2) £3.25  
  F-RCA148B HD Offset Ball Joint (pk 2) £3.25  
  F-RCA148C HD Ball Joint (Extended) (pk 2) £3.25  
  F-RCA148D HD Screw Ball Joint (pk 2) £3.25  
  F-RCA149A M3 Ball Joint (pk 2) £1.99  
  F-RCA149B M3 Offset Ball Joint (pk 2) £1.99  
  F-RCA149C M3 Ball Joint (Extended) (pk 2) £1.99  
  F-RCA149D M3 Screw Ball Joint (pk 2) £1.99  
  T-RGA83035 Brass Rod, 0.3mm (5x1m) £2.75  
  T-RGA83057 Brass Rod, 0.5mm (5x1m) £2.75  
  T-RGA83075 Brass Rod, 0.7mm (5x1m) £2.99  
  T-RGA83105 Brass Rod, 1.0mm (5x1m) £3.85  
  T-RGA83155 Brass Rod, 1.5mm (5x1m) £4.99  
  T-SCR02/M1 SS Nut M1 Pk2 £4.99  
  T-SCR02/M1-2 SS Nut M1.2 Pk4 £3.25  
  T-SCR02/M1-4 SS Nut M1.4 Pk4 £3.25  

The Radio Active range of accessories is vast covering everything from Servo Arms, Control Horns and Spinners through to Rubber Bands, Collets and Scale items to adorn your model. Click the link below to view the entire range.