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1/6 Dumont Sand/Snow Tires F/R 5.7" Tires MTD 24mm Black Rai
Pro-line Racing Pro-line Racing 0675118179513
SRP: £99.99


This is a pair of Dumont Paddle Sand/Snow Tires Mounted on Raid 5.7" Black Wheels . Are you ready for the most extreme Paddle tires Pro-Line has ever made for Monster Truck? Introducing the Dumont 5.7" tires that have been designed from the ground up for your X-MAXX® and KRATON™ 8S to sling sand and snow further than ever before and look good doing it!

The Dumont 5.7" tire uses the latest in paddle tread technology with large offset V-shaped paddles for maximum roosting power. Pro-Line P-L logos have been embedded into the tire carcass giving it the style that you have come to expect from Pro-Line. The Dumont Paddle tire gets its name from the incredible Dumont Sand Dunes in California, but these paddle tires are equally at home shredding your local snowfield in the winter.

The Raid 5.7" Black Wheel features a 24mm hex with the standard 1/5 scale through-hole to fit most 1/5 scale vehicles and includes machined aluminum wheel washers to fit onto the popular X-MAXX® platform. Inspired by popular full-size off-road wheels, the Raid 5.7" wheel is extremely tough and has the bold style to match. The Dumont Paddle tires are glued to the big diameter Raid wheel for the ultimate in lightweight performance. This tire and wheel package is proudly manufactured at Pro-Line Headquarters in the USA!
Don't get stuck spinning your tires in the sand or snow. Get a set of pre-mounted Dumont Paddle tires for your X-MAXX® or KRATON™ 8S Truck today!

When running your Pro-Line Tires in Water, Mud, or Sand foreign materials can enter the Tire. If this occurs, the foam Inserts can begin to break down and the tire can become excessively heavy or unbalanced, causing unnecessary wear. Placing a piece of waterproof tape (such as Duct Tape) over the Wheel Vent Hole is a quick and easy method of preventing anything from getting inside Your Tires.

Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted

PRO1020210 | Dumont Paddle Sand/Snow Tires Mounted on Raid 5.7" Black Wheels (2) for X-MAXX®, KRATON™ 8S & Other Large Scale 24mm Hex Vehicles Front or Rear

X-MAXX® is a registered trademark of Traxxas® L.P.



  • Extreme Paddle Tires for Sand and Snow
  • Latest Paddle Tire Technology - Large Offset V-shaped Tread
  • Pro-Line P-L Logos Embedded into Tire Carcass
  • 24mm Hex with Standard 1/5 Scale Through Hole to Fit Most Large-Scale Vehicles
  • Machined Aluminum Wheel Washers Included to Fit the X-MAXX® Platform
  • Made from Very Stiff and Long-lasting Paddle Tire Rubber
  • Tires Made in the USA, since 1982


  • KRATON™ 8S (ARA110002 and ARA5208)
  • X-MAXX®
  • Other Large-Scale Vehicles with 24mm Hex


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