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1/5 Performance HD 24mm Axle Conversion for X-MAXX
Pro-line Racing Pro-line Racing 0675118178400
SRP: £64.99


  • Fit Standard 24mm 1/5 Scale Tires and Wheels on your X-MAXX®
  • Massive Durability and Performance Upgrade
  • Made from Heavy-duty Blue Anodized Machined Aluminum
  • Comes Pre-built, Just Install and Go!
  • Matches up to Stock Driveshafts and Bearings


Calling all X-MAXX® owners - Are you tired of only having limited tire and wheel options for your truck? Pro-Line has the solution for you! Introducing the Performance HD 1/5 Axle Conversion made specifically for the X-MAXX®. This heavy-duty machined aluminum Axle conversion kit will transform your truck into the full 1/5 standard allowing you to run any 1/5 scale 24mm wheels and tires already available, including Pro-Line's new Masher X HP Tires (PRO1017610) without needing adapter washers! This conversion is also a massive durability upgrade over stock because it replaces the plastic hexes with machined aluminum and has a much bigger axle diameter. The Performance HD 1/5 Axle Conversion comes pre-built and matches perfectly to the stock X-MAXX® driveshafts and bearings. It's time to go big or go home - Upgrade your X-MAXX® to full 1/5 scale tire and wheel standard with Pro-Line's new Performance HD 1/5 Axle Conversion today!

X-MAXX® is a registered trademark of Traxxas® L.P.


  • X-MAXX®


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