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Turnbuckle, 3mm Eye, 12mm Ctr
Radio Active Radio Active 5055426722475
SRP: £5.55

Used for tensioning a ship's rigging and lashings, Turnbuckles are a vital element to aid control aboard any vessel. Our new range of fully working scale turnbuckles are turned out of brass to tight tolerances with eyelets at both ends for attaching to rigging meaning these beautifully manufactured pieces not only look the part but function just as well. Varying in body length from 10mm up to 22mm in 2mm increments this range of turnbuckles offer an operating range of 17-24mm up to 29-43mm meaning there is a turnbuckle to suit any scale of model you may desire.

  • Body ¥3mm, Body Length 12mm
  • M2 left/right hand threaded ends
  • Eye ¥3mm, Hole ¥1.6mm
  • Operating range 19-28mm
  • Pack of 2