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Speedpack2 7.2V 900mAh 6C NiMH, 3+3, EC3
Dynamite Dynamite 0605482497623
SRP: £19.99


Providing the ultimate in Nickel-Metal Hydride technology, Dynamite SpeedpackT 2 sport packs are an extremely affordable choice for everyone from RC hobbyists to sport-level racers. They feature capacity ratings ranging from 1800mAh to 5100mAh, making it easier than ever to choose the right Ni-MH battery for your vehicle. Additionally, Speedpack 2 batteries are fully compatible with the Dynamite Dashboard app. The Dynamite Dashboard app seamlessly integrates the batteries with the Dynamite PassportT Series of chargers and brings real-time monitoring to your mobile device.


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Optional Parts

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  O-DYNC0072 Charge Adapter: Banana to EC3 Device £7.99  
  O-DYNC0143 Charge Adapter: Banana to XT60 Male £9.99  
  O-SPMXC1000 Spektrum Smart S1200 DC Charger, 1x200W £79.99  
  O-SPMXC1070I S150 AC Mini Smart Charger 1 x 50W £34.99  
  O-SPMXC2050I S155 G2 1x55W AC Smart Charger, International £64.99  
  O-SPMXCA301 IC3 Device & Battery Connector (1 of each) £6.50  
  O-SPMXCA302 IC3 Battery Connector (2) £6.50  
  O-SPMXCA304 IC3 Device Charge Lead 6"; 13 AWG / 4mm Bullets £7.50  
  O-SPMXCA305 IC3 Device Connector 4"; 13 AWG £6.50  
  O-SPMXCA307 IC3 Battery Parallel Y-Harness 6" / 150mm; 13 AWG £9.99  
  O-SPMXCA308 IC3 Battery Series Harness 6" / 150mm; 13 AWG £9.99  
  O-SPMXCA313 IC3 Battery Connectors; Bulk (25) £24.99  
  O-SPMXCA317 IC3 Device/Deans Battery Adaptor Plug (2) £9.99  
  O-SPMXCA508 IC5 Battery Connector to IC3 Device 4" / 100mm; 10 AWG £10.99  
  O-SPMXCA511 IC5 Battery Connectors; Bulk (25) £59.99  
  P-SPMXC10202I 16A 380W POWER SUPPLY (includes UK Plug) £139.99  
  P-SPMXCA319 Extension: IC3 Battery / IC3 Device 6" £9.99