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Vorteks 4X4 3S BLX 1/10 Stadium Truck RTR, Green
Arrma Arrma 5052127043816
SRP: £429.99

Product Details

ARRMA takes its 4X4 3S BLX speed bashing platform to the next level with the VORTEKS Stadium Truck RTR. It's the fastest, most advanced ARRMA 1/10 scale 4X4 model yet, and the first to include the benefits of Spektrum Smart electronics and AVC.

Key Features

  • Strong Composite Chassis
  • Convenient Modular Design
  • Multi-surface, vented dBoots Katar tread tyres
  • Durable 37T 1.35 module metal differential gears and silicone O-rings
  • Double wishbone suspension front and rear
In The Box
  • (1) ARRMA VORTEKS 4X4 3S BLX 1/10 Scale 4WD Electric Stadium Truck RTR
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 100A Smart Waterproof ESC
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 3660 3200Kv Brushless Motor
  • (1) Spektrum 2.4GHz DX3 Smart DSMR 3-Channel Transmitter
  • (1) Spektrum SR6200A AVC Receiver
  • (1) Spektrum SPMS651 7kg Waterproof Metal-Geared Digital Servo
  • (1) 23T Spline servo saver
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • 2S or 3S Hardcase LiPo Battery (Maximum battery dimensions 6.14x2.01x1.89 in (156x51x48mm). Minimum battery specs 5000mAh 50C)
  • Compatible Charger
  • (4) AA Batteries
  • LiPo Safe Charging Bag

The Fastest ARRMA 1/10 Scale 4x4 Yet! Speed Bashing at Its Best

ARRMA® has taken its 4X4 3S BLX speed bashing platform to the next level with the VORTEKS Stadium Truck. This is the fastest and most technically advanced 1/10 scale 4X4 vehicle in the ARRMA® lineup, and it's engineered to deliver astonishing speed, control and durability - at an incredibly affordable price.


  • Stadium truck body with tough, injection moulded wing and protective roof skids
  • Adjustable body mounts
  • High-traction, vented dBoots® Katar multi-terrain tyres mounted to tough, gun-metal color wheels
  • Spektrum 3660 3200Kv brushless motor with ARRMA® heatsink and cooling fan and Safe D pinion
  • Spektrum Firma 100A Smart ESC
  • Spektrum 2.4GHz DX3 transmitter and SR6200A receiver Smart radio system with AVC® (Active Vehicle Control®)
  • Spektrum SPMS651 metal-geared servo
  • Strong composite chassis with extended height dirt defenders
  • Easy-access modular design
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Steering system with stone clearance
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Wheelie bar
  • Rubber shielded bearings throughout
  • Durable 37T 1.35 module metal differential gears and silicone O-rings
  • Castellated slipper pad and sliding gear mesh
  • Plastic locknut for slipper
  • Double wishbone suspension front and rear
  • Oil-filled shocks with silicone O-rings


With the installed, 2S or 3S compatible Spektrum Firma 3200Kv brushless motor, the VORTEKS is fast right out of the box. Using a 3S LiPo battery and an optional pinion gear, it easily becomes the first ARRMA® 4X4 3S BLX model capable of 60 mph and more!

The proven tough ARRMA® 4X4 platform lets you bash at high speeds in almost any environment - off-road, on dirt and grass, on parking lots and over paved and asphalt surfaces. Its durability comes from a strong composite chassis featuring extended height dirt defenders, oil-filled shocks with silicone O-rings, metal geared differentials and more. Rugged bumpers and high-traction dBoots® Katar tyres mounted on tough, gun-metal colored wheels add to its unstoppable performance. The VORTEKS 4X4 3S BLX also includes a sleek, new stadium truck body with tough, injection-moulded wing and protective roof skids.

ARRMA® adds the security of advanced Spektrum electronics to the VORTEKS Stadium Truck's speed and toughness to create a totally exhilarating bashing experience. With its included DX3 DSMR® 2.4GHz radio system, SR6200A receiver and Firma 100A ESC, this is the first ARRMA® 1/10 scale 4X4 model to provide the benefits of AVC® (Active Vehicle Control®) and Smart technology straight out of the box.

With the AVC® system's on-demand traction control, you can dial-in extra stability as needed to carve corners or nail jumps without backing off the power. You have full-throttle freedom over rough terrain, slick surfaces and loose dirt. When you don't want the extra traction, just dial back the stability. The DX3 radio's AVC® system works behind the scenes, making hundreds of minute steering and throttle adjustments per second to keep the VORTEKS Stadium Truck precisely on the line you want to hold.

Download the optional Spektrum Dashboard app to your mobile device - it's available free from the iPhone App Store and Google Play - to take full advantage of the Smart electronics' telemetry capabilities. Once you connect your mobile device wirelessly via Bluetooth to the VORTEKS Stadium Truck's DX3 transmitter, you can use it to view top speed, battery voltage and other essential data in real time (requires an optional BT2000 Bluetooth Module, available separately).

The ARRMA® VORTEKS 4X4 3S BLX Stadium Truck RTR represents the highest level of speed and technology found yet in the proven tough ARRMA® 4X4 platform. If you're a basher who wants the best - and who appreciates outstanding value - it's all right here.



Features that contribute to the 4X4 3S BLX platform's unstoppable performance include a stronger composite chassis and retained hinge pin plates; steering with more clearance for stones; castellated slipper pads and sliding gear mesh; and rubber-shielded bearings throughout.Extended height dirt defenders limit the amount of dirt and debris that can get into the chassis tub. Front and rear bumpers offer defense against impacts.




The VORTEKS 4X4 3S BLX Stadium Truck RTR incorporates the signature ARRMA® easy-access modular design. Separate, easily removable chassis modules for the power system, electronics and differential components make routine maintenance fast and simple. The power module can be detached from the chassis as a complete unit by removing just one screw. With the power module removed, the slipper clutch can be reached easily for servicing by taking out three screws that attach the gear cover.




A two-piece molding screwed to the VORTEKS Stadium Truck's chassis serves as its electronics module, containing a waterproof receiver box, servo mount and ESC tray.




The differential module houses each differential unit in an innovative yoke design. Only eight screws need to be removed to release the front and rear yokes. The power module can then be detached, allowing you to pivot the gearbox cases for differential access.




Multi-surface, vented dBoots® Katar tread tyres are mounted to tough, gun-metal color nylon wheels. The tyres provide aggressive grip and easy handling characteristics in all conditions and are made of high-quality rubber for long-lasting durability.




The sleek stadium truck body features a tough, injection-moulded rear wing and protective roof skids. It's available finished in your choice of three exciting color combinations. Front and rear bumpers protect against impacts and a wheelie bar provides stunt potential.




A first for any ARRMA® 1/10 scale 4X4 RTR, the VORTEKS Stadium Truck includes Spektrum radio equipment with telemetry-capable Smart Technology plus AVC® on-demand traction control for extra stability when you need it.




The self-bleeding, oil-filled shocks with silicone O-rings use a tried and tested, coil-over design for simple maintenance and amazing handling. Their innovative rod-end has a moulded-in spring perch for extra toughness.


Spec Data
Scale 1/10
Battery type 5000mAh 2S or 3S LiPo (Sold Separately)
Motor type Spektrum 3200Kv Brushless

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  Z-ARA311010 27T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311011 28T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311012 29T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311013 30T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311014 31T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311015 32T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311106 Aluminum Motor Mount Set £32.50  
  Z-ARA311152 Metal Main Diff Gear (37T, 1.35M) 4S v2 £19.99  
  Z-ARA311153 Metal Input Gear (13T, 1.35M) 4S v2 £10.99  
  Z-ARA311154 Diff Case Set 4S v2 £10.99  
  Z-ARA311155 Metal Diff Set (37T, 1.35M) 4S v2 £64.99  
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  Z-ARA320529 Center Brace Pin (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA320530 Center Brace Rubber Dampers (3) £7.99  
  Z-ARA320531 Center Brace Connectors (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA320533 Center Brace Bar 200mm £19.99  
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  Z-ARA330733 Alum Shock Set Bore:11mm, Length:83mm, Oil:500cSt £39.99  
  Z-ARA330734 Alum Shock Set Bore:11mm, Length:103mm, Oil:500cSt £39.99  
  Z-ARA330735 Aluminum Shock Body 11x44mm (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA330736 Aluminum Shock Body 11x54mm (2) £19.99  
  Z-ARA340191 Aluminum Steering Rack (Mega/Boost/3S/4S) £12.99  
  Z-ARA402318 Clear Body with Decals and Window Masks: VORTEKS 4X4 BLX £39.99  
  Z-ARA402327 VORTEKS 4X4 BLX Painted Decal Trimmed Body(Purple) £49.99  
  Z-ARA402328 VORTEKS 4X4 BLX Painted Decal Trimmed Body (Green) £49.99  
  Z-ARA610038 Ball Bearing 15x21x4mm (2RS) (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA610043 Ball Bearing 5x8x2.5mm 2RS (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA620004 Flange Ball Bearing 10x15x4mm 2RS (2) £11.99  

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  O-DYN1400 Li-Po Charge Protection Bag, Small £9.99  
  T-DYN2834 Startup Tool Set: Metric £32.50  
  T-DYN2835 Startup Tool Set: US £29.99  

Replacement Parts

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  M-SPMXSM2000 Firma 3200Kv 4-Pole BL Motor, 3660 £124.99  
  P-SPM2340 DX3 3Ch DSMR Radio w/SR315 £109.99  
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  Z-AR310881 Slipper Shaft Red 4x4 775 BLX 3S 4S £9.99  
  Z-AR310883 Motor Heatsink 4x4 BLX 3S £19.99  
  Z-AR310884 Comp Center Slider Driveshaft 4x4 775 BLX £10.99  
  Z-AR320357 Body Post Set £10.99  
  Z-AR320400 Radio Box Set 4x4 £11.99  
  Z-AR320401 F/R Lower Skidplate (2) 4x4 Granite MEGA £8.99  
  Z-AR320410 Bumper Springs (2) 4x4 £9.99  
  Z-AR320411 Chassis Spine Block/Multi-Tool 4x4 £10.99  
  Z-AR320413 Battery Mounting Set 4x4 £19.99  
  Z-AR320414 MT Side Guard Set 4x4 GRANITE MEGA £11.99  
  Z-AR320464 Battery Mounting Set £19.99  
  Z-AR330442 C-Hubs (2) 4x4 £6.99  
  Z-AR330443 Suspension Arm Front (2) 4x4 £10.99  
  Z-AR330450 Shock Cap (2) 4x4 £4.99  
  Z-AR330451 Composite Shock Parts/O-Ring Set (2) £7.99  
  Z-AR330456 Hinge Pin 4x40mm 4x4 (2) £4.99  
  Z-AR330457 Hinge Pin 4x63mm 4x4 (2) £4.99  
  Z-AR330467 Rear Hub (2) 4x4 £6.99  
  Z-AR330468 Hinge Pin 3x31mm 4x4 (2) £4.99  
  Z-AR330469 Steering Block (2) 4x4 £6.99  
  Z-AR330470 Rod End Set 4x4 £10.99  
  Z-AR330515 Composite Pivot Ball Set 4x4 £6.99  
  Z-AR330516 Suspension Arm Rear (2) 4x4 £10.99  
  Z-AR330535 Steel Turnbuckle M4X34mm Black (2) £6.99  
  Z-AR340137 Steering Post (2) 4x4 £6.99  
  Z-AR340138 Flanged Tube 4x4 (2) £4.99  
  Z-AR390001 Antenna Pipe Set 60mm £4.99  
  Z-AR390165 Body Clip Retainer 1/10 Scale Black (4) £6.99  
  Z-AR390289 4x4 BLX Motor Fan Set £19.99  
  Z-AR610014 Ball Bearing 5x8x2.5mm 4x4 (2) £6.99  
  Z-AR610018 Bearing 15x21x4mm (2) £9.99  
  Z-AR701404 Set Screw 4x4mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR702002 Cap Head Screw 2.5x12mm (10) £6.99  
  Z-AR708008 Flanged Nyloc Locknut 4mm Silver (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR709003 Washer / Shim 3x8x0.5mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR709012 Washer / Shim 2.7x5x0.5mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR709049 Washer / Shim 7.1x11x0.5mm (4) 4x4 £4.99  
  Z-AR709052 Washer / Shim 12x15.5x0.2mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR713014 Pin 3x17mm Nero (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR713028 Pin 2.5x12mm (10) £6.99  
  Z-AR715001 Nylon Nut 3mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR715005 Nut M4 Nylon (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR715008 Nylon Nut 2.5mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR716025 O-Ring 12x2mm 4x4 BLX 3S KRATON BLX 4S (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR721303 Button Head Hex Machine Screw 3x3mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721308 Button Head Screw 3x8mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721312 Button Head Screw 3.x12mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721316 Button Head Screw 3x16mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721320 Button Head Screw 3x20mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721328 Button Head Screw 3x28mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721335 Button Head Screw 3x35mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR721414 Button Head Screw 4x14mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR722308 Flat Head Screw 3x8mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR722310 Flat Head Screw 3x10mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR722316 Flat Head Screw 3x16mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR722415 Flt Head Hex Machine Screw 4x15mm 4x4 (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR722440 Flt Head Hex Machine Screw 4x40mm 4x4 (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR723308 Cap Head Screw 3x8mm 4x4 (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR723310 Cap HD Screw M3X10mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR723316 Cap Head Hex Machine Screw 3x16mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-AR724303 Set Screw 3x3mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AR727410 Double Socket Buttn Head Screw 4x10mm (8) £9.99  
  Z-ARA310946 Slipper Plate & Hub Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA310947 HD 57T Spur Gear 0.8Mod £7.99  
  Z-ARA310956 Diff Set 37T/1.35M £69.99  
  Z-ARA310994 Slipper Pad (4) £10.99  
  Z-ARA310998 15T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311001 18T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311003 20T 0.8Mod Safe-D5 Pinion Gear £19.99  
  Z-ARA311031 HD Composite Input Gear 13T (1.35 module) £10.99  
  Z-ARA311033 Slipper Clutch Maintenance Set £10.99  
  Z-ARA311034 HD 57T Slipper Set (0.8Mod) £64.99  
  Z-ARA311106 Aluminum Motor Mount Set £32.50  
  Z-ARA320589 Aluminum FF Suspension Mount Red £7.99  
  Z-ARA320590 Aluminum RR Suspension Mount Red £7.99  
  Z-ARA320607 Composite Chassis - SWB £32.50  
  Z-ARA320609 Wheelie Bar Frame £7.99  
  Z-ARA320613 Wheelie Bar Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA320629 Wheelie Bar Wheels £10.99  
  Z-ARA320630 Body Mount Set £11.99  
  Z-ARA320632 Lower Skidplates (2) £11.99  
  Z-ARA320634 F/R Composite Upper Gearbox Covers/Shock Tower £19.99  
  Z-ARA320636 Side Guard Set £11.99  
  Z-ARA320638 Bumper Set £11.99  
  Z-ARA320680 Metal Multi Tool 5/7mm Nut, 11/15mm Bore Shock £11.99  
  Z-ARA330665 Shock Cap (2) £6.99  
  Z-ARA330666 Spring Perch And Rod End Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA330704 Shock Shaft 3x54mm (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA330705 Shock Shaft 3x64mm (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA330712 Shock Springs: 55mm 1.3N/mm (7.6lbf/in) (2) £6.99  
  Z-ARA330713 Shock Springs: 70mm 1.2N/mm (6.9lbf/in) (2) £6.99  
  Z-ARA330714 Shock Body, Front (2) £6.99  
  Z-ARA330715 Shock Body, Rear (2) £6.99  
  Z-ARA330722 Shock Set Bore:11mm, Length: 87mm, Oil: 500cSt £19.99  
  Z-ARA330723 Shock Set Bore:11mm, Length: 109mm, Oil: 500cSt £19.99  
  Z-ARA330767 Assembled Turnbuckle Set £19.99  
  Z-ARA340179 Steering Parts Set £10.99  
  Z-ARA340181 Direct Mount Servo Saver (23T Spline) £9.99  
  Z-ARA390290 BLX100/120 ESC Fan (1pc) £10.99  
  Z-ARA402319 Finished Body, Color 1: VORTEKS 4X4 BLX £49.99  
  Z-ARA402327 VORTEKS 4X4 BLX Painted Decal Trimmed Body(Purple) £49.99  
  Z-ARA402328 VORTEKS 4X4 BLX Painted Decal Trimmed Body (Green) £49.99  
  Z-ARA480045 Rear Wing And Roof Skids Set £32.50  
  Z-ARA550091 dBoots Katar 1/10 MT Pre-Mounted Tiye 14mm Hex (2) £32.50  
  Z-ARA610041 Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm 2RS (2) £11.99  
  Z-ARA610044 Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm 2RS (2) £11.99  
  Z-ARA610045 Ball Bearing 5x10x4mm 2RS (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA610046 Ball Bearing 10x15x4mm 2RS (2) £7.99  
  Z-ARA620003 Flange Ball Bearing 10x15x4mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-ARA716034 O-Ring 7.8x2.2mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA716035 O-Ring 2.6x2mm (8) £6.99  
  Z-ARA716036 O-Ring 8x1.5mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA727312 M3x12.5mm Screw Shaft (2) £4.99