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22S SCT 1/10 2WD RTR MagnaFlow
Losi Losi 0605482279502
SRP: £274.99

22S SCT RTR: 1/10 2WD Short Course Truck

Key Features

  • All New Race-inspired 2WD Platform
  • Dynamite® 60A FWD/REV ESC
  • Dynamite® 12T 550 brushed motor
  • Team Losi Racing® Option Part Upgrades Available
  • Bottom Loading Battery
  • All Metal Gear Transmission
  • Oil-filled Gear Differential
  • Spektrum Waterproof Servo
  • Spektrum STX2 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Race-Inspired Licensed Scale Body
  • Officially licensed MAXXIS Razr MT Tyres
  • 12mm race-inspired oil filled shocks
Needed to Complete
  • Reaction 7.4V 5000mAh 2S 30C LiPo Hardcase: EC3 (DYN9005EC)
  • Prophet Sport Mini 50W Multichemistry Charger (DYNC2030UK)
What's in the Box?
  • (1) 22S SCT RTR: 1/10 2WD Short Course Truck
  • (1) Product Manual
  • (4) AA Batteries


Looking for the best vehicle to get started in the RC Hobby? The Losi® 22S SCT RTR is the perfect vehicle for new RC enthusiasts looking to capture the thrills of big air, blazing speeds, and responsive cornering. Based on the Team Losi Racing® 22 race platform, the 22S SCT features all the fun and performance of its predecessors making it the perfect Ready-to-Run vehicle to not only maximize performance bashing in the backyard, street or park, but to be the perfect entry level race truck for your local R/C race track. The Losi engineering team applied the race-proven suspension geometry of the TLR 22SCT to the 22S SCT, giving it the handling ability needed to maximize performance everywhere. The powerful Dynamite® 12T 550 brushed motor provides great torque and top speed that will keep drivers coming back for more. With officially-licensed Magnaflow and Kicker Audio trim schemes, the 22S SCT looks the part while it's tearing up the terrain or crossing the finish line. Designed to be user-friendly, the electronics are hard mounted and the battery is loaded through the bottom of the chassis to help create a hassle-free user experience. Additionally, several Team Losi Racing 22 platform performance parts are available to upgrade the vehicles performance and style.


All New 2WD Platform

The all new 2WD SCT platform has the performance heritage of the Team Losi Racing® 22 platform, but has been adapted to be take durability and driveability to the next level.

All New 2WD Platform

Aluminum Front/Rear Chassis Plates

The 22S SCT is built tough and tunable with aluminium chassis plates in the front and rear to provide chassis rigidity and extreme performance.

Aluminum Front/Rear Chassis Plates

Dynamite® Brushed ESC

Dynamite's 60A 2S ESC provides great power, torque and top speed to help the 2WD SCT tear up the track, park or street!

Dynamite<sup>®</sup> Brushed ESC

Dynamite® 12-Turn 550 Brushed Motor

Dynamite's 12T 550 brushed motor rips out of the turn and has speed to impress on the straightaways.

Dynamite<sup>®</sup> 12-Turn 550 Brushed Motor

Bottom Loading Battery

The chassis was thoughtfully designed allowing the battery to load into the chassis from the bottom. This allows racers to avoid the traditional extra hassles required to change a battery, like removing the body shell.

Bottom Loading Battery

Spektrum Servo

Spektrum surface 6kg waterproof servo confidently guides the 22S SCT through all terrains.

Spektrum<sup>™</sup> Servo

Race-Inspired Scale Body

The 22S SCT scale, race-inspired short course body features sleek graphics in two different officially licensed trim schemes: Magnaflow and Kicker Audio.

Race-Inspired Scale Body

MAXXIS Razr MT Tyres

Working together with MAXXIS Tyres, Losi added scaled down Razr MT tyres with an aggressive tread pattern that will help you tackle any terrain. Whether driving on asphalt or dirt, these tough tyres provide long-lasting tread life and world-class performance.

MAXXIS Razr MT Tyres

12mm Race-inspired Oil-filled Shocks

These shock absorbers help keep the 22S SCT incredibly stable and so you can maintain control on even the toughest terrain.

12mm Race-inspired Oil-filled Shocks

Race Inspired Bumpers

The 22S SCT includes molded composite race inspired bumpers with molded rubber mud flaps to keep up the scale realism.

Race Inspired Bumpers

Spektrum STX2 Transmitter

The STX2 transmitter comes with a three-position throttle-limiting switch that makes the 22S easy to drive, whether you're a beginner or expert driver. Features like throttle/steering reversing, throttle/steering travel adjust and throttle limiting are all built in.

Spektrum<sup>™</sup> STX2 Transmitter

22S SCT RTR: 1/10 2WD Short Course Truck

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Spec Data
Scale 1/10th
Motor Type 550 12-turn
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Smart Technology Upgrade - Better

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  O-SPMX50002S50H3 5000mAh 2S 7.4V 50C Smart LiPo Hardcase; IC3 £64.99  
  P-SPMR5115 DX5C Smart 5Ch Transmitter Only £169.99  
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Smart Technology Upgrade - Good

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Optional Parts

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  G-DTXC3703 Bandito SC Tire C2 Mounted Losi Ten SCTE 4x4 (2) £27.50  
  G-PRM1588-00 1/10 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Pro Mod Clear Body: Dr £49.99  
  G-PRO10210-17 1/10 Bald Eagle MC Front/Rear 2.2"/3.0" Short Course Tires ( £29.99  
  G-PRO10210-203 1/10 Bald Eagle S3 Front/Rear 2.2"/3.0" Short Course Tires ( £29.99  
  G-PRO1157-00 1/10 Mohawk Front 2.2"/3.0" Sand/Snow Short Course Tires (2) £29.99  
  G-PRO1190-10 1/10 Trencher X Front/Rear 2.2"/3.0" SC Mounted 12mm Black R £49.99  
  G-PRO2811-03 1/10 Raid Bead-Loc Fr/Rr 2.2"/3.0" 12 & 14mm SC Wheels (2) S £29.99  
  G-PRO2811-04 1/10 Raid Bead-Loc Fr/Rr 2.2"/3.0" 12 & 14mm SC Wheels (2) R £29.99  
  G-PRO3355-00 1/10 Flo-Tek Clear Body: Short Course £39.99  
  G-PRO3408-00 1/10 1966 Ford F-100 Clear Body: Short Course £49.99  
  G-PRO3420-00 1/10 2013 Ram 1500 True Scale Clear Body: Short Course £49.99  
  G-PRO3423-00 1/10 1981 Ford Bronco Clear Body: Short Course £49.99  
  G-PRO3458-17 1/10 Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion Clear Body: Short Course £59.99  
  G-PRO3458-18 1/10 Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion Tough-Color Black Body: Short Co £79.99  
  G-PRO3461-00 1/10 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor True Scale Clear Body: Short Cou £47.50  
  G-PRO3551-17 1/10 Pre-Cut 1967 Ford F-100 Race Truck Clear Body: Short Co £59.99  
  G-PRO3559-00 1/10 Axis SC Clear Body: Short Course £39.99  
  G-PRO6063-00 1/10 PowerStroke Front Shocks: Short Course £69.99  
  G-PRO6063-01 1/10 PowerStroke Rear Shocks: Short Course £69.99  
  G-SPMXT2000 XT2000 Tire Warmer £159.99  
  M-SPMXSM2800 Firma 6500Kv Brushless Motor £42.50  
  M-SPMXSM2900 Firma 3800Kv 4-Pole BL Motor £74.99  
  M-SPMXSM3300 Firma 3900Kv 4-pole Brushless Motor £119.99  
  O-SPMX40002S50H3 4000mAh 2S 7.4V Smart LiPo Battery 50C; IC3 £54.99  
  O-SPMX50002S100H3 5000mAh 2S 7.4V 100C Smart LiPo Hardcase; IC3 £79.99  
  O-SPMX50002S30H3 5000mah 2S 7.4V 30C; HC, IC3 £54.99  
  O-SPMX50002S50H3 5000mAh 2S 7.4V 50C Smart LiPo Hardcase; IC3 £64.99  
  O-SPMX52S100H3 7.4V 5000mAh 2S 100C Smart G2 Hardcase LiPo Battery: IC3 £79.99  
  O-SPMX52S30H3 5000mAh 2S 7.4V SMART G2 30C IC3 £54.99  
  O-SPMXC1020 Spektrum S120 USB-C Smart Charger, 1x20W £22.50  
  O-SPMXC2010I S2200 Smart G2 AC Charger 2x200W £269.99  
  O-SPMXC2020I S1200 Smart G2 AC Charger, 1x200W £154.99  
  O-SPMXC2040I S1400 Smart G2 AC Charger 1x400W £219.99  
  O-SPMXC2050I S155 G2 1x55W AC Smart Charger £74.99  
  O-SPMXC2090 S100 1x100W USB-C Smart Charger £29.99  
  O-SPMXCA300 Smart Lipo Bag, 16 x7.5 x 6.5 cm £22.50  
  O-SPMXCA501 IC5 Battery Connector (2) £16.99  
  O-SPMXCA502 IC5 Device and Battery Connector (1 of each) £16.99  
  O-SPMXCA503 IC5 Device Connector (2) £18.99  
  O-SPMXCA508 IC5 Battery Connector to IC3 Device 4" / 100mm; 10 AWG £15.99  
  O-SPMXPS4I Spektrum Smart PowerStage Bundle 2 x 2S 5000mAh IC5 £289.99  
  P-DYN4403 GPS Speed Meter 2.0 £199.99  
  P-SPM5025 DX5 Pro 2021 DSMR TX w/SR2100 £449.99  
  P-SPM6125 DX6C 6-Channel DSMR Transmitter with SR315 Receiver £209.99  
  P-SPMR6125 DX6C 6-Channel DSMR Transmitter Only £169.99  
  P-SPMS605 9KG Servo, WP, Metal Centre Case, 23T £29.99  
  P-SPMS605HV 7.4V Servo, 9kg, Metal Gear, WP, 23T £29.99  
  P-SPMS612HV 12Kg Servo, WP, Metal, 23T £49.99  
  P-SPMS614S S614S 15kg Steel Gear WP Servo 23T £39.99  
  P-SPMS650 5Kg Servo, Plastic Gear £29.99  
  P-SPMS652 18Kg Servo, Steel Gear £59.99  
  P-SPMSR215 SR215 DSMR 2 Ch Sport Rec £39.99  
  P-SPMSR315 SR315 DSMR 3 Ch Sport Rec £59.99  
  P-SPMSR515 SR515 DSMR 5 Ch Sport Rec £74.99  
  P-SPMSR6110AT SR6110AT 6ch AVC/Tele Surf RX £109.99  
  P-SPMSR6200A 6200A 6CH AVC Surface RX £79.99  
  P-SPMSS6170 S6170 Mid Torq Mid Speed Digital WP Servo-Plastic Gear £39.99  
  P-SPMSS6230 S6230 Ultra Torq Mid Speed Digital WP Servo-Metal Gear £99.99  
  P-SPMSS6240 S6240 High Torq High Speed Digital WP Servo-Metal Gear £99.99  
  P-SPMSS6245 S6245 High Speed/Torque Servo £149.99  
  P-SPMSS6250 S6250 Ultra Torque High Speed Digi WP Servo-Metal Gear £129.99  
  P-SPMSS6260 S6260 High Torque High Speed Digi HV Servo-Metal Gear £129.99  
  P-SPMXBC100 XBC100 Smart Battery Checker & Servo Tester £59.99  
  P-SPMXC10202I 16A 380W POWER SUPPLY (includes UK Plug) £124.99  
  P-SPMXSE1085 Firma 85 Amp Brushless Smart ESC 2S £84.99  
  P-SPMXSE1100 Firma 100 Amp Brushless Smart ESC 3S £114.99  
  P-SPMXSE60 Firma 60A Lite Brushed Smart ESC, 2S-3S: IC3 £64.99  
  T-DYN2814 Hex Driver: 1.5mm £5.99  
  T-DYN2815 Hex Driver: 2mm £5.99  
  T-DYN2816 Hex Driver: 2.5mm £5.99  
  T-DYN2900 Machined Hex Driver, Red: 1.5mm £10.99  
  T-DYN2901 Machined Hex Driver, Red: 2.0mm £10.99  
  T-DYN2902 Machined Hex Driver, Red: 2.5mm £10.99  
  T-DYN2904 Machined Hex Driver Metric Set, Red £27.50  
  T-DYN2950 8-in 1 Hex Wrench Kit £37.50  
  Z-LOS230055 K&N Body Set: 22S SCT £79.99  
  Z-LOS230056 Body Set, Clear: 22S SCT £49.99  
  Z-LOS232049 Main Diff Gear and Housing, Gear Diff: 22S £19.99  
  Z-LOS331013 Clamping Servo Horn, Aluminum, 23T: 22S £19.99  
  Z-LOS331014 Clamping Servo Horn, Aluminum, 25T: 22S £19.99  
  Z-LOS332005 Clamping Front Wheel Hexes, Aluminum: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS332006 Clamping Rear Wheel Hexes, Aluminum: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS333000 Front Shock Set, Aluminum, Assembled: 22S £64.99  
  Z-LOS334014 Rear Hub Set, Aluminum: 22S £39.99  
  Z-LOS334015 Front Pivot, Aluminum: 22S £32.50  
  Z-LOS334016 Front Spindle Set, Aluminum: 22S £49.99  
  Z-LOS334017 Caster Block Set, Aluminum: 22S £64.99  
  Z-LOS334018 Front Camber Block, Aluminum: 22S £39.99  
  Z-LOS334019 Rear Pivot Set, Aluminum: 22S £19.99  
  Z-LOS43006 Wheels (4): Baja Rey £32.50  
  Z-LOS43016 Maxxis Razr Mud Terain, SCT TIRE (2) £32.50  
  Z-LOSA99172 Camber Gauge £19.99  
  Z-LOSA99173 Ride Height Gauge £19.99  
  Z-LOSA99174 Car Stand: 8IGHT/T £19.99  
  Z-SPMS602 Replacement S602 Digital Servo £64.99  
  Z-TLR232000 Complete Ball Diff, Tungsten Balls: 22, 22T, 22SCT £64.99  
  Z-TLR232009 HDS Spur Gear 76T 48DP Kevlar - All 22 £10.99  
  Z-TLR232010 HDS Spur Gear, 78T 48P, Kevlar: All 22 £10.99  
  Z-TLR232012 HDS Spur Gear, 84T 48P, Kevlar: All 22 £10.99  
  Z-TLR232101 Complete G2 Gear Diff, Metal: 22 £32.50  
  Z-TLR232112 Wheel Hex, 12mm x 4.5mm (2) £19.99  
  Z-TLR232114 Wheel Hex, 12mm x 5.5mm (2) £19.99  
  Z-TLR233005 Seal Set, X-Rings, Shock Cap O-Rings: All 22 £10.99  
  Z-TLR233009 Shock Piston 12mm 1.6x2 CNC Machined(4):All22,SCTE £19.99  
  Z-TLR233010 Shock Piston 12mm 1.7x2 CNC Machined(4):All22,SCTE £19.99  
  Z-TLR233031 Shock End Set, G3 (4ea) £10.99  
  Z-TLR332009 Idler Gear, Aluminum: 22/T/SCT £19.99  
  Z-TLR332073 VHA Rear Axle, Buggy (2): 22 5.0 £19.99  
  Z-TLR334069 VHA Conversion: 22 5.0 £49.99  
  Z-TLR336000 4mm Aluminum Serrated Lock Nuts, Black (6) £10.99  
  Z-TLR336001 4mm Aluminum Serrated Lock Nuts, Blue (6) £15.99  
  Z-TLR336004 M3 Aluminum Lock Nuts, Black (10) £10.99  
  Z-TLR336005 M3 Flanged Aluminum Lock Nuts, Black (10) £10.99  
  Z-TLR336007 M3 Caster Block Alum Washer Set, Black (4ea) £10.99  
  Z-TLR74004 Silicone Shock Oil, 25wt, 2 oz £10.99  
  Z-TLR74005 Silicone Shock Oil, 27.5wt, 2oz £10.99  
  Z-TLR74006 Silicone Shock Oil, 30wt, 2oz £10.99  
  Z-TLR74008 Silicone Shock Oil, 35 Wt, 2 Oz £10.99  
  Z-TLR74009 Silicone Shock Oil, 37.5wt, 2oz £10.99  
  Z-TLR76007 Tire Glue 1oz STANDARD £10.99  
  Z-TLR76009 TLR Lok Threadlock Blue £10.99  

Pit/Field Tools

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  T-DYN2834 Startup Tool Set: Metric £32.50  
  T-DYN2835 Startup Tool Set: US £29.99  

Replacement Parts

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  M-DYNS1222 Dynamite 550 12-Turn Brushed Motor £19.99  
  P-SPMSLT300 SLT3 3-Ch Radio System w/SR315 Dual Protocol (SLT/DSMR) Rx £54.99  
  P-SPMXSE60 Firma 60A Lite Brushed Smart ESC, 2S-3S: IC3 £64.99  
  T-LOSA6955 5 x 13mm HD Clutch Bearings (2):8B/8T £10.99  
  T-LOSA6957 10x15x4 mm BB (2) with Nylon Retainer £9.99  
  Z-LOS230060 Kicker Audio Body Set: 22S SCT £79.99  
  Z-LOS230061 MagnaFlow Body Set: 22S SCT £79.99  
  Z-LOS231034 Mud Flaps: TENACITY SCT £11.99  
  Z-LOS231042 Chassis: 22S SCT £19.99  
  Z-LOS231043 Composite Steering Set: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS231044 Chassis Mounting Set: 22S £19.99  
  Z-LOS231045 Bulkhead, Camber Block & Servo Mount: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS231046 Steering Hardware Set: 22S £7.99  
  Z-LOS231047 Body Mount Set: 22S SCT £10.99  
  Z-LOS231048 Front Bumper Set: 22S SCT £10.99  
  Z-LOS231049 Rear Bumper Set: 22S SCT £10.99  
  Z-LOS231050 Steering Bearing Set: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS231051 Battery Mounting Foams: 22S £6.99  
  Z-LOS232036 Gear Cover & Motor Guard: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS232037 Transmission Case: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS232038 Spur Gear & Slipper Pads, 48p, 84t: 22S £6.99  
  Z-LOS232039 Complete Gear Diff: 22S £32.50  
  Z-LOS232040 Gear Set, Gear Diff: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS232041 Motor Plate: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS232042 Idler Gear & Shaft: 22S £7.99  
  Z-LOS232043 Layshaft & Gear: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS232044 Front Axle: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS232045 CVA Driveshaft, Complete: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS232046 Gear Diff Rebuild Set: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS232047 Slipper Hardware Set: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS232048 Wheel Hex Set: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS233016 Front Shock Set, Complete: 22S £32.50  
  Z-LOS233017 Rear Shock Set, Complete: 22S £32.50  
  Z-LOS233018 Shock Body Set: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS233019 Shock Shaft Set: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS233020 Spring Set: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS233021 Spring Cup & Clip Set: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS233022 Shock Seal Set: 22S £6.99  
  Z-LOS233023 Shock Caps (2): 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS233024 Shock Ends: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS234024 Suspension Arm Set: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS234025 Front Caster Block Set: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS234026 Hub and Spindle Set: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS234027 Camber and Steering Link Set: 22S £9.99  
  Z-LOS234028 Shock Tower Set: 22S £10.99  
  Z-LOS234029 Pivot Set: 22S £11.99  
  Z-LOS235018 Set Screw, M3 X 3mm (10) £10.99  
  Z-LOS235024 Button Head Screws M3x25mm (10) £11.99  
  Z-LOS235027 Set Screws, M3 x 10mm Cup Point(10) £10.99  
  Z-LOS235028 M3 x 45mm Flat Head Screws (6) £6.99  
  Z-LOS235029 M2 x 4mm Cap Head Screws (10) £6.99  
  Z-LOSA6937 5x10mm Shielded Ball Bearing(2) £10.99  
  Z-TLR235004 Flat Head Screws, M3 x 25mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR235007 Flat Head Screws, M2.5 x 10mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5092 Upper Shock Bushing: 22 (4) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5900 Button Head Screws, M3 x 5mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5901 Button Head Screws, M3 x 6mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5902 Button Head Screws, M3 x 8mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5903 Button Head Screws, M3 x 10mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5904 Button Head Screws, M3 x 12mm (10) £6.99  
  Z-TLR5906 Button Head Screws, M3 x 35mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5909 Button Head Screws, M3 x 16mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5910 Button Head Screws, M3 x 14mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5911 Button Head Screws, M3 x 20mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5961 Flathead Screws, M3 x 8mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5962 Flathead Screws, M3 x 10mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR5963 Flathead Screw, M3 x 12mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR6105 E-Clips, 3mm Shaft (12) £7.99  
  Z-TLR6288 Set screw, M3 x 2.5mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR6313 Locknut, M3 x .5 x 5.5mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR6352 Washers, M3 (10) £7.99  
  Z-TLR8202 Body Clips, Black (12): 22 £6.99  

Used In

Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  C-LOS03022T1 22S SCT 1/10 2WD RTR MagnaFlow £274.99  
  C-LOS03022T2 22S SCT 1/10 2WD RTR Kicker £299.99