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1/10 SCX10 III Jeep CJ-7 4WD Brushed RTR, Red
Axial Axial 0605482151259
SRP: £559.99

Product Details

The most iconic off-roader of all time is here! Fully licensed and as capable as it is detailed, the SCX10 III Jeep CJ-7 is ready to take on any trail. It's essential for every RC crawling enthusiast's fleet and great fun for fans of full-size Jeeps.

Key Features

  • Officially licensed Jeep CJ-7 body
  • Full interior and many moulded accessories
  • Strong SCX10 III steel C-channel chassis
  • AR45 standard straight axles
  • Only battery and charger required
In The Box
  • (1) Axial SCX10 III Jeep CJ-7 1/10 Scale 4WD RTR
  • (1) Dynamite 35T Electric Motor (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum S614 Waterproof Metal Gear Surface Servo, 23T (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum SX108 Micro Analog Metal Gear Surface Servo, for Dig function (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 40A Brushed Smart 2-in-1 ESC and Receiver (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum DX3 Smart 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • (4) AA Alkaline Transmitter Batteries
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • (1) 2-3S LiPo Battery with EC3 or IC3 connector
  • (1) Compatible Battery Charger


  • Officially licensed Jeep CJ-7 body
  • Officially licensed Gen-Right bumpers and body armor
  • Officially licensed Raceline Daytona beadlock wheels
  • Officially licensed Mickey Thompson Baja Boss R35 compound tyres
  • Full interior with opening centre console
  • Strong SCX10 III steel C-channel chassis
  • AR45 standard straight axles
  • Multi-link solid axle suspension
  • Oil-filled coil-over shocks
  • All-metal gears
  • Full ball bearings
  • Spektrum DX3 Smart 3-channel transmitter
  • Spektrum Firma 40A Smart 2-in-1 ESC and receiver unit
  • Factory assembled and ready-to-run
  • Only battery and charger required


After WWII ended, the hard-working Willys-Overland military Jeep re-emerged as a popular commercial utility vehicle - designated "CJ" for "civilian Jeep". The CJ-7 model, introduced in 1976, became a favorite for rock crawling and continued in production until being replaced by the Jeep Wrangler in 1987. It remains the most iconic rock crawler of all time.

More than any other vehicle, the Jeep CJ-7 symbolizes off-road adventure. Now, at last, it's ready for RC expeditions in an officially licensed scale version built on the successful Axial SCX10 III chassis.

For every dedicated RC crawling enthusiast, the SCX10 III Jeep CJ-7 is an essential addition to your collection of Axial rigs. For Jeep enthusiasts without or without RC experience, it's an exciting new way to bring your off-road dreams to life. The CJ-7 captures everything you admire about the full-size Jeep in both looks and performance.

While the SCX10 III Jeep CJ-7 comes engineered and equipped to take on any trail, it's the incredible scale detail that will have Axial fans eager to make it the canvas for their next rock crawling masterpiece. In addition to the officially licensed Jeep CJ-7 body, this rig features officially licensed Gen-Right bumpers and body armor, a full interior with opening centre console, a roll cage, and more. Even the wheels and tyres add to its authenticity. The wheels are officially licensed Raceline Daytona beadlocks, and the high-traction tyres are officially licensed Micky Thompson Baja Boss treads.

As part of the Axial SCX10 III family, of course, the CJ-7 is as capable as it is detailed. It's right at home out on the trail navigating scale-appropriate rock crawling obstacles. Adding to the precise handling and proven durability of the SCX10 III platform is a transmitter-activated Dig function for improved turning and control. The Dig servo is included and installed.

The SCX10 III Jeep CJ-7 arrives fully finished and ready-to-run with a factory-installed, brushed power system and Spektrum DX3 Smart transmitter. Just add your choice of 2-3S LiPo battery and charger. With a Spektrum Smart battery, you can take advantage of the radio system's Smart technology capabilities - such as following your battery's power status in real time right from the DX3 transmitter.


Made of durable polycarbonate, the officially licensed and factory-finished CJ-7 scale body comes richly detailed with officially licensed Gen-Right bumpers and body armor, a full injection-moulded roll cage, plus a full interior including an opening centre console. The doors can be opened or even removed.



The CJ-7 is built on the proven, realistic Axial SCX10 III platform. Its steel C-channel chassis reduces frame flexing and increases the precision of suspension movement.



You'll find another example of this rig's scale realism in its AR45 standard straight axles, which mirror the axles used on the full-size CJ-7. The AR45 Straight Axles with offset front differential provide true scale looks and a low centre of gravity. An optional overdrive gear is available separately (6-Bolt 27 8 Overdrive Gear Set, AXI332001).



The oil-filled shocks have aluminium threaded bodies and a single coil-over spring. The shocks are tunable for achieving the best overall setup.



With the transmission's Dig function, you can instantly switch to front-wheel-drive by locking the rear axle from your transmitter for improved turning and control. The Dig servo is included and installed.



The multi-link solid axle suspension features 6mm stainless steel links and all-metal pivot balls for off-road durability.



The CJ-7 transmission includes a full set of ball bearings and all-metal internal gears for the strength you need on the trails.



Factory-installed, the brushed power system features a Dynamite 35T 540-size motor and Spektrum Firma 40A Smart 2-in-1 ESC and Receiver unit.



Mounted on officially licensed Raceline Daytona beadlock wheels, the officially licensed Mickey Thompson Baja Boss R35 compound tyres find secure footing wherever you crawl.



Axial designers had fun with this one. Additional scale details include a functional centre console, removable coffee tumbler and soda can, transfer case twin stick shifters, automatic transmission shifter, bucket seats with slots for optional seatbelt harnesses, folding side view mirrors, and more!



Together, the Spektrum DX3 Smart transmitter and Firma 40A Smart 2-in-1 ESC and Receiver offer such Smart technology benefits as showing the real-time power status of an on-board Smart LiPo battery. The radio system's third channel operates the CJ-7 Dig feature.



Spec Data
Scale 1/10
Battery type 2-3S LiPo Battery with EC3 or IC3 connector (Not Included)
Motor type Dynamite 35T Electric Motor (installed)

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Optional Parts

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  Z-AX31093 1.9 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A R35 (2) £39.99  
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  Z-AXI233004 Spring 13x70mm 0.72lbs/in Purple Soft Soft(2) £9.99  
  Z-AXI233006 Spring 13x70mm 1.28 lbs/in Red Soft (2) £9.99  
  Z-AXI330002 Tuff Stuff Overland Accessory Pack £39.99  
  Z-AXI332001 6-Bolt 27/8 Overdrive Gear Set £49.99  
  Z-AXI43001 1.9 KMC Machete Wheel - Satin Silver (2pcs) £10.99  
  Z-AXI43003 1.9 Method MR307 Hole Wheel Satin Silver (2pcs) £10.99  
  Z-AXI43004 1.9 3pc. Raceline Monster Beadlock Wheels Blk (2) £19.99  
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  Z-AXI43015 Black Rhino Primm 1.9" Wheels, 12mm Hex, Black (2) £19.99  

Replacement Parts

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  M-DYNS1216 Dynamite 35-Turn 540 Brushed Motor £19.99  
  P-SPM2340 DX3 3Ch DSMR Radio w/SR315 £109.99  
  P-SPMSSX108 SX108 Micro Gear Servo £19.99  
  P-SPMXSE1040RX Firma 40 Amp Brushed Smart 2-in-1 ESC and Receiver £74.99  
  Z-AX30725 Pinion Gear 32P 14T Steel 3mm Motor Shaft £9.99  
  Z-AX31066 Cap Head M2x8mm Black (10) £6.99  
  Z-AX31120 Hex Socket Flat Head 3x10mm (10) £6.99  
  Z-AX31148 WB8-HD Driveshaft Coupler Set Yeti £32.50  
  Z-AX31185 M3x10mm Hex Socket Flat Head (10) £4.99  
  Z-AX31195 Hex Socket Button Head 2.6x12mm (10) £6.99  
  Z-AX31250 Serrated Nylon Lock Nut Black 4mm (10) £7.99  
  Z-AX31403 M3x4x10mmHexButton Head Shoulder Screw (6) £6.99  
  Z-AX31406 Bearing 7x14x3.5mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-AX31407 Bearing 5x14x5mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-AXA0109 Hex Socket Oversize Head 3x10mm (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXA0113 Hex Socket Button Head Black M3x6mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA013 Cap Head M2x6mm Black Oxide (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA0147 Hex Socket Flat Head M3x16mm Black (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA015 Cap Head M2x10mm Black Oxide (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA016 Cap Head M2x12mm Black Oxide (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA1040 Thin Hex Nut M3 Black (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA1059 Body Clip 6mm Black (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA114 Hex Sckt ButtonHead M3x8mm Black Oxide (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA115 Hex Socket Button Head M3x10mm Black (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA116 Hex Socket Button Head M3x12mm Black (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA118 Hex Socket Button Head M3x18mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA119 Hex Socket Button Head M3x20mm (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA120 Hex Socket Button Head M3x25mm Black (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA1218 Bearing 5x10x4mm £9.99  
  Z-AXA1221 Bearing 5x11x4mm £9.99  
  Z-AXA1230 Bearing 10x15x4mm £10.99  
  Z-AXA1243 Bearing 15x21x4mm (2) £10.99  
  Z-AXA1391 E4 E-Clip (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA1392 E-Clip E2 (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA144 Hex Flat Head M3X8mm Black (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA146 Hex Socket Flat Head M3x12mm Black (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA149 Hex Socket Flat Head M3x20mm Black (10) £5.50  
  Z-AXA150 Hex Sckt Flat Head M3x25mm Black Oxide (10) £4.99  
  Z-AXA291 Set Screw M4x4mm Black Oxide (6) £4.99  
  Z-AXI230049 LED Light Set, White/Orange/Red, Early Bronco: SCX10 III £19.99  
  Z-AXI230053 Body Details Int/Ext CJ-7: SCX10 III £32.50  
  Z-AXI230054 Headlight, Taillight Lens Set CJ-7: SCX10 III £9.99  
  Z-AXI230055 Bumper Set Front, Rear CJ-7: SCX10 III £12.99  
  Z-AXI230056 Cage Set, CJ-7: SCX10 III £19.99  
  Z-AXI230057 Jeep CJ-7 Body Set, Clear: SCX10 III £79.99  
  Z-AXI230058 Rock Slider Left, Right CJ-7: SCX10 III £11.99  
  Z-AXI230059 Doors/Corners/Hinges CJ-7: SCX10 III £19.99  
  Z-AXI230060 Front L/R and Inner Fenders, CJ-7: SCX10 III £19.99  
  Z-AXI231008 Battery Tray Sets & Strap: SCX10III £10.99  
  Z-AXI231009 Upper Center Link Mounts: SCX10III £10.99  
  Z-AXI231010 Center Transmission Skid Plate: SCX10III £10.99  
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  Z-AXI231017 Shock Towers & Panhard Mounts FR/RR: SCX10III £19.99  
  Z-AXI231020 Motor Cover: SCX10III £10.99  
  Z-AXI231021 Upper Shock Tower Braces: SCX10III £10.99  
  Z-AXI231046 Panhard Mount, Sintered Metal: SCX10 III £11.99  
  Z-AXI232002 AR44 6-Bolt Differental Locker £10.99  
  Z-AXI232003 6 Bolt Heavy Duty Gear Set £49.99  
  Z-AXI232015B Slipper Pads Plates: Capra 1.9 £10.99  
  Z-AXI232017 Wild Boar Driveshaft Set: UTB £10.99  
  Z-AXI232018 12mm Hex, Screw Shaft & Spacer (4): UTB £10.99  
  Z-AXI232024 AR45 Axle Housing, Front: SCX10 III £11.99  
  Z-AXI232025 AR45 Axle Housing, Rear: SCX10 III £11.99  
  Z-AXI232029 Transmission Housing Set: SCX10III £19.99  
  Z-AXI232030 Motor Mount Plate: SCX10 III £10.99  
  Z-AXI232031 Internal Metal Drive Gears: SCX10III £19.99  
  Z-AXI232032 Transfer Case Metal Gears: SCX10III £10.99  
  Z-AXI232033 Input Metal Gears 27T, 20T & 34T: SCX10III £10.99  
  Z-AXI232034 40T Metal Spur Gear: SCX10III £10.99  
  Z-AXI232035 Transmission Shaft Set: SCX10III £19.99  
  Z-AXI232036 Dig/2-Speed Arm & Shaft Set: SCX10III £10.99  
  Z-AXI232037 Cog Set & Plate Dig/2-Speed: SCX10 III £32.50  
  Z-AXI232044 AR45P AR45 Differential Covers, Black: SCX10 III £19.99  
  Z-AXI232059 AR45 C-Hub, L/R: SCX10 £10.99  
  Z-AXI232060 AR45 Steering Knuckle, L/R: SCX10 III £10.99  
  Z-AXI232061 AR45 Universal Axle Set (2): SCX10 III £64.99  
  Z-AXI232062 AR45 Straight Axle Set (2): SCX10 III £32.50  
  Z-AXI233003 Shock O-Ring Set: UTB £6.99  
  Z-AXI233009 Spring 13x70mm 2.0 lbs/in Yellow (2) £9.99  
  Z-AXI233031 Shock Parts, Composite: SCX10 III BC £19.99  
  Z-AXI233032 Aluminum Shock Body, 11 x 39.5mm: SCX10 III BC £19.99  
  Z-AXI234003 Pivot Ball, Stainless Steel 12.75mm (4): UTB £10.99  
  Z-AXI234004 Susp Pivot Ball, Stainless Steel 7.5mm (10pc) £32.50  
  Z-AXI234006 HD Rod Ends M4 (20pcs): UTB £19.99  
  Z-AXI234012 Stainless Steel M6x 88mm Link (2pcs): SCX10III £19.99  
  Z-AXI234013 Stainless Steel M6x 97mm Link (2pcs): SCX10III £19.99  
  Z-AXI234015 Stainless Steel M6x 117mm Link (2pcs): SCX10III £19.99  
  Z-AXI234031 Steering Links Stainless Steel: SCX10 III Std Axle £19.99  
  Z-AXI234033 Panhard Bar and Links, Standard: SCX10 III £10.99  
  Z-AXI234034 Stainless Steel Links, M6 x 105mm (2): SCX10 III £19.99  
  Z-AXI235016 M2.5 x 16mm, Cap Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI235098 M2.5 x 8mm, Button Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI235099 M2.5 x 10mm, Button Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI235102 M2.5 x 18mm, Button Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI235109 M3 x 14mm, Button Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI235110 M3 x 16mm, Button Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI235169 M2.5 x 12mm, Flat Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI235174 M3 x 6mm, Flat Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI235178 M3 x 14mm, Flat Head Screw (10) £6.99  
  Z-AXI236172 Screw Shaft M3x2.0x12mm £9.99  
  Z-AXI236173 M2.5 x 8mm Pin (6) £6.99  
  Z-AXI237003 4mm x 8mm x 3mm Ball Bearing (2) £10.99  
  Z-AXI43017 1.9 Raceline Daytona Beadlock Wheels, Black (2) £19.99  
  Z-AXI43018 1.9 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T 4.7 R35 Tires(2) £29.99  
  Z-SPMS614 S614 Metal Gear Servo 23T WP £37.50  
  Z-TLR5958 Flat Head Screws, M2 x 8mm (10) £7.99  

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  G-RCO-SCR005 SS Screw Set (430pcs boxed) SCXIII £37.50