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1/18 Typhon GROM 4wd Smart RTR w/Lipo Batt/USB Chg Red/White
Arrma Arrma 5052127047432
SRP: £149.99

Product Details

The TYPHON GROM RTR buggy delivers genuine ARRMA quality and durability in small scale, with agile, responsive performance plus convenience and value that beginners and experienced bashers alike will appreciate. Take it blasting anytime and anywhere!

Key Features

  • High-traction 4WD drivetrain
  • Powerful Spektrum 2S LiPo battery and safe, easy-to-use Smart charger
  • Easy body attachment and removal
  • Enclosed metal gear drivetrain for all-terrain toughness
  • Reliable, high-quality hex hardware
In The Box
  • (1) ARRMA TYPHON GROM Small Scale 4X4 Buggy RTR
  • (1) Spektrum Waterproof SLT 2-in-1 25A ESC & Receiver
  • (1) ARRMA MEGA 380 28T Brushed Motor
  • (1) Spektrum 2.4GHz SLT2 Transmitter
  • (1) Spektrum SX110 Waterproof Metal-Geared Servo
  • (1) Spektrum Smart 7.4V 1400mAh 2S 30C Hard Case LiPo Battery w/IC2
  • (1) Spektrum S10 Smart G2 Mini 2S USB-C Charger
  • (4) AA Transmitter Batteries
  • (1) Hex wrench
  • (1) Instruction Manual
  • *For details on waterproof standards, please refer to the product instruction manuals.
Needed to Complete
  • USB power adapter with QC 2.0/3.0 18W+


  • High-traction 4WD drivetrain
  • Awesome TYPHON buggy styling with two colour choices
  • Powerful Spektrum 2S LiPo battery and safe, easy-to-use Smart charger
  • Easy clipless body attachment and removal
  • Enclosed metal gear drivetrain for all-terrain toughness
  • Reliable, high-quality hex hardware
  • Durable composite chassis
  • Independent suspension and oil-filled, coil-over shocks
  • Tough buggy wheels and tyres
  • Impact-absorbing front and rear bumper
  • Spektrum SLT2 2-channel 2.4GHz radio
  • Spektrum SLT 2-in-1 25A waterproof ESC and receiver
  • Spektrum SX110 waterproof metal-geared servo
  • 2-Year limited warranty (see website for details)


ARRMA takes small scale RC buggy performance to a whole new level with the fast, tough, and affordable TYPHON GROM RTR. Agile and responsive like the 1/8 scale original, the tiny TYPHON GROM delivers a big dose of genuine ARRMA performance and durability. But it's small enough to take along with you almost anywhere for amped-up ARRMA bashing whenever the urge strikes.

The small scale ARRMA TYPHON GROM can go places that are off-limits to bigger buggies. Bring it with you to the office and do some bashing on your breaks. Slip it into your backpack, head to the local skate park, dirt field, or even your backyard, and put some extra polish on your skills. Whether you're a young beginner or an experienced RC driver, the TYPHON GROM easily fits time for ARRMA RC bashing into your busy life. It's tough, fast, and conveniently small.

Unlike other RC model manufacturers, ARRMA made no compromises in power, strength, and handling when shrinking the TYPHON GROM to small scale size. You'll love the simplicity. There's even a secure, clipless body mount design with kid-friendly quick release mechanism. But it's still precision-engineered to the same high performance standards as larger ARRMA RC buggies. The smooth handling capabilities let you be as aggressive as you like in the corners and completely confident through the jumps.

The ARRMA TYPHON GROM endures the punishment you can dish out. Ventilated for cooling, the strong composite chassis supports a rugged 4WD drivetrain with robust metal gears. Power from the MEGA 380 brushed motor travels through the enclosed drivetrain down to tough buggy wheels and tyres. Oil-filled shocks soak up bumps for a smooth ride. Even the Spektrum SX110 steering servo has metal gears - and, like the IC2 connector-equipped Spektrum SLT 2-in-1 25A ESC and receiver, it's waterproof for carefree bashing in any conditions. An integrated, high-speed cooling fan keeps motor and ESC temperatures down for a long life of peak performance.

If you're a first-time RC basher, the Spektrum 2.4GHz SLT2 transmitter helps you learn control skills safely by limiting maximum speed to 50% or 75% until you're ready to handle it all. Recharging the included Spektrum Smart 2S LiPo battery is also worry-free. Just plug it into the supplied Spektrum S10 Smart G2 Mini 2S USB-C Charger with the attached IC2 connector. Smart technology takes care of the rest. In about an hour, your battery is safely recharged and ready for another round of fun.

The iconic ARRMA TYPHON body looks great in any size. Here, it's factory-finished in your choice of two brilliant colour schemes and includes a high downforce, buggy style wing. High-quality hex hardware is used throughout the vehicle for reliability and easy maintenance.

Everything you'll need to the run the TYPHON GROM comes in the box. ARRMA upgrade parts are also available for cranking up its capabilities - a Metal Axle & Wheel Hub Set (ARA311198), Aluminium Shock Set (ARA330824), Adjustable Steering Links (ARA340208), and a two-piece, assembled Oil-Filled Differential Set (ARA311193). Experience small scale RC bashing in a big way with the affordable, versatile ARRMA TYPHON GROM!


The ARRMA TYPHON GROM 4X4 Buggy RTR is engineered and manufactured to the same high standards of durability and performance that you expect from any ARRMA vehicle. It's just smaller!



Right out of the box, the racing buggy body comes professionally factory-finished in two brilliant, distinctive colour scheme options. It captures the unmistakable looks and form of the original ARRMA TYPHON in small scale size. Tough buggy wheels and tyres add all-terrain traction.



The TYPHON GROM buggy body snaps onto the chassis easily, quickly, and securely, and comes off with a simple press-and-release. With no tiny clips to force into place, it's a body attachment system that's perfect even for young bashers.



The enclosed drivetrain with rugged metal gears carries power from the installed MEGA 380 brushed motor to all four wheels for high traction. The entyre power system is well-protected for dependable performance on all terrain.



Enjoy carefree bashing with your ARRMA TYPHON GROM buggy in any conditions. The drivetrain is metal geared for durability. Even the installed Spektrum SX110 waterproof steering servo has tough metal gears.



The Spektrum Smart 2S LiPo battery with IC2 connectors provides the power for long run times. When it's time to recharge, just plug it into the convenient Spektrum Smart G2 S10 USB-C Charger. Safe charging begins automatically and only takes about an hour.



The high-quality Spektrum SLT2 2-channel transmitter is the perfect size for all drivers. It can help you learn control skills safely by limiting the buggy's maximum speed to 50% or 75% until you're ready for it all. Four AA batteries included.


Spec Data
Scale 1/18
Battery type Spektrum Smart 7.4V 1400mAh 2S 30C Hard Case LiPo Battery with IC2 Connector
Motor type ARRMA MEGA 380 28T Brushed Motor
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  Z-ARA311198 Metal Axle & Hex Set £49.99  
  Z-ARA311202 Pinion Gear 16T 0.5 MOD CNC 2.3mm Bore £8.99  
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  Z-ARA340208 Adjustable Steering Links £12.99  

Replacement Parts

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  O-SPMX142S30H2 7.4V 1400mAh 2S 30C Smart G2 LiPo Battery: IC2 Connector £32.50  
  P-SPMSLT300 SLT3 3-Ch Radio System w/SR315 Dual Protocol (SLT/DSMR) Rx £54.99  
  P-SPMSSX110 Micro Metal Gear Servo £19.99  
  P-SPMXSE2625RX 25A GROM SLT 2n1 ESC RX £54.99  
  Z-AR708003 Serrated Flange Wheel Nut 4mm (4) £4.99  
  Z-ARA311177 Assembled Differential - GROM £22.50  
  Z-ARA311178 Wheel Axle and Hub Set - GROM £11.99  
  Z-ARA311179 Dogbone 50mm (2pcs) - GROM £11.99  
  Z-ARA311180 CVD Driveshaft 50mm (2pcs) - GROM £11.99  
  Z-ARA311181 CVD Rebuild Set - GROM £4.99  
  Z-ARA311182 Input Gear Set - GROM £16.99  
  Z-ARA311196 Metal Spur Gear 59T - GROM £6.99  
  Z-ARA320744 Motor Mount Set (8pcs) £13.99  
  Z-ARA320749 Diff Cover Set (2pcs) - GROM £13.99  
  Z-ARA320750 Hingepin 2.5x37mm (4pcs) £4.99  
  Z-ARA320751 Hingepin 2.5x24mm (4pcs) £4.99  
  Z-ARA330803 Ball 5.3x5.9x2.5mm (10pcs) £6.99  
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  Z-ARA330805 Ball 5.8x7x2.5mm (10pcs) £6.99  
  Z-ARA330807 Hub Set (F+R) (STD) - GROM £11.99  
  Z-ARA330808 Rear Suspension Arm Set A - GROM £8.99  
  Z-ARA330809 Front Suspension Arm Set A - GROM £8.99  
  Z-ARA340201 Steering Link Set A - GROM £5.99  
  Z-ARA340202 Steering Set £8.99  
  Z-ARA340203 Servo Saver Set £8.99  
  Z-ARA390305 Mega 380 Brushed Motor £22.50  
  Z-ARA610052 Ball Bearing 8x12x3.5mm (2RS) (4pcs) £15.99  
  Z-ARA610053 Ball Bearing 7x11x3mm (2RS) (4pcs) £15.99  
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  Z-ARA702017 Flat Head Screw M2.5x12mm (10pcs) £4.99  
  Z-ARA702018 Flat Head Screw M1.6x12mm (10pcs) £4.99  
  Z-ARA702019 M2.5x12mm 5.5mm Hex Head (10pcs) £4.99  
  Z-ARA724304 Set Screw M3x4mm (10pcs) £4.99  
  Z-ARA850027 Diff Fluid, 20 Million cSt 20mL £16.99  

Additional Options

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  G-RCO-AR007 Metal CVD Drive Shafts Fr/Rr, Grom £19.99  
  G-RCO-AR008 Metal CVD Drive Shafts Front, Grom £10.99  
  G-RCO-AR009 Metal CVD Drive Shafts Rear, Grom £10.99  
  G-RCO-AR010 Metal Differential Hub 4pcs, Grom £14.99  
  G-RCO-AR021R Front Hubs, Red Aluminum, 1/18 Grom £22.99  
  G-RCO-AR022R Rear Hubs, Red Aluminum, 1/18 Grom £12.99