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CubCrafters XCub 60cc ARF
Hangar 9 Hangar 9 0605482369319
SRP: £1,049.99

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CubCrafters XCub 60cc ARF

Key Features

  • Officially-licensed replica of the thoroughly modern CubCrafters XCub
  • Expertly constructed with lightweight, laser-cut balsa and plywood
  • Finished in an authentic trim scheme with genuine UltraCote⌐ covering
  • Fitted with high-intensity, 3S-compatible LED lights
  • Two-piece plug-in wings with anodized aluminum wing tube
  • Airfoil-shaped wing struts with matching paint finish
  • Operational flaps for STOL capabilities
  • Factory-installed, scale-type flap and aileron hinges
  • Scale landing gear with matching paint finish
  • Rugged machined-aluminum, tundra-style tail wheel assembly
  • Magnetically-secured top hatch and hinged cockpit door
  • Painted fiberglass cowl and scale-shaped spinner
  • Designed to accept gas/petrol engines and electric motors
  • Complete hardware kit with engine and motor mounting hardware
  • Optional-use tow-release mechanism included
  • Optional articulated landing gear and inflatable bush wheels (sold separately)
  • Optional full pilot figure and detailed instrument panel available (sold separately)


The XCub is the fastest, strongest, best equipped and most capable STOL airplane CubCrafters has ever built. To the full-scale pilot, its availability is like having your all-time favorite airplane completely replicated with the best in modern design, technology and comfort for unrivalled performance. As the largest and most capable Hangar 9⌐ Cub model produced yet, the XCub 60cc ARF brings the CubCrafters vision to the RC pilot who wants an incredible giant-scale experience with adventure-driven capability and performance versatility in a classic form that doesn't take significant expertise to appreciate.

The Hangar 9⌐ XCub 60cc ARF is an officially licensed replica of the CubCrafters marvel. Working closely with the company, factory drawings of the full-scale aircraft were used to design the model. And, like the full-scale original, our giant-scale XCub model was developed by scrutinizing every element of the platform to make the tried-and-true design better at meeting the needs of the modeler. The result is a best-of-the-best contender for the RC pilot seeking a giant-scale airplane that can do it all. And even though it's large in size, modern conveniences and performance factors make it easy to complete, easy to handle and easy to fly with rock-solid control. Laser-cut wood construction results in a rugged airframe designed to make onlookers second guess it from the real thing. Genuine UltraCote⌐ covering provides an exterior finish that replicates the CubCrafters original in its debut trim scheme and colors. Its outline is authentic with scale and other details that are practical and realistic, including sprung gear with aluminum wheels and tundra tires, a rugged tail wheel assembly, airfoil-shaped wing struts and operational LED lighting just to name a few.

Your time at the bench has also been engineered to be as enjoyable as possible. A majority of the assembly is bolt-together, and the complete hardware package includes everything needed for gas or electric power system installation. The large fiberglass cowling can fully conceal a powerful engine like the easy-to-use Evolution⌐ 62GX, or an incredibly smooth motor like the E-flite⌐ Power 360. Batteries are convenient to access through a scale, hinged cockpit door and window that locks using a unique no-tools-required mechanism. The two-piece plug-in wing design and folding struts make transport and storage easy. And the flaps and ailerons feature factory-installed composite hinges and are secured with a removable metal pin to help deliver scale fidelity and functionality without extra work.

With the XCub 60cc you get the classic Cub experience plus the benefits that modern design and technology offer in a model that will make your friends think you're a giant-scale expert. Additional vertical fin area offers improved stability while streamlined landing gear reduces drag for better acceleration and speed so the XCub is just as at home cruising around at a slow and comfortable place as it is with the throttle wide open. Plus operational flaps help to deliver impressive STOL performance and widen the flight envelope. You can even install the included high-quality metal tow release mechanism to use it as a capable and realistic glider tug.

The modern design and features, plus classic lines, adventure-driven capability and performance versatility, make the XCub 60cc the ideal choice for the RC pilot wanting a giant-scale airplane with the ability to putt through the air one moment, then lay down aerobatics the next, at their favorite field or in the open tundra.

Needed to Complete
  • (1) 50-70cc, two/four-stroke gas/petrol engine or equivalent electric motor system
  • (1) Full-range, 8+ channel transmitter and receiver
  • (8) Standard-size servos (7 for an electric power version); (1) for optional tow release
  • (1) Battery for receiver and (1) for engine ignition
  • (1) Propeller
What's in the box?
  • (1) CubCrafters XCub 60cc ARF
  • (1) User Manual
CubCrafters XCub 60cc ARF

Scale Authenticity

The Hangar 9 XCub 60cc is the first scale model of its kind and is officially licensed by CubCrafters. Its design is based on their full-scale drawings so the outline is authentic, plus it's equipped with a variety of scale details including airfoil-shaped wing struts, tail wires and even operational, 3S LiPo compatible LED lighting. Plus you can add an optional custom-made instrument panel and pilot figure (sold separately, see manual for details) for even more scale detail.

Scale Authenticity

Lightweight Construction

Laser-cut balsa and plywood construction is utilized to bring the XCub 60cc to life as a scale model that's expertly built to exacting standards. Genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote⌐ covering delivers the authentic trim scheme with a quality finish that's easy to maintain. Painted parts like the cowl, landing gear and wing struts match the colors with high gloss protection.

Lightweight Construction

Functional Flaps

Generous wing area offers light wing loading to deliver solid flight performance at a wide range of speeds. And when combined with the operational flaps, allows impressive STOL capability and the ability to fly from and back into short fields under a variety of conditions. The flaps and ailerons feature scale-type composite hinges and are secured using a removable metal pin-all factory-installed to help deliver scale fidelity and functionality without extra work.

Functional Flaps

Landing Gear

The full-scale aircraft is offered with more aerodynamic aluminum spring gear, and the XCub 60cc follows suit. The stock streamlined landing gear is equipped with genuine Sullivan SkyLite wheels that feature strong aluminum hubs to deliver unmatched durability along with the rugged tail wheel assembly. CubCrafters also offers more traditional bungee-type landing gear for the full-scale, and custom-made articulated landing gear, plus inflatable bush wheels, are also available for the XCub 60cc (sold separately, see manual for details).

Landing Gear

Convenience Features

The two-piece plug-in wings are equipped with quick-release wing struts that fold up to be more compact for easier transport and storage. And you can easily access the electronics and batteries through a magnetically-secured hatch on top of the fuselage and through the hinged cockpit door and window on the side.

Convenience Features

Power It the Way You Want It

The XCub 60cc is designed to accept the Evolution⌐ 62GX two-stroke gas engine, the Saito⌐ FG-61TS twin four-stroke gas engine or the E-flite⌐ Power 360 brushless electric outrunner motor. All hardware for the recommended power system options is included so assembly is easy and so you can get in the air faster. Plus the included spinner makes it easy to complete the scale outline.

Power It the Way You Want It

Designed for Towing

The recommended gas and electric power options make the XCub 60cc a great tow plane for sailplanes or banners. Just install the included tow-hook release mechanism in the built-in location on top of the fuselage and add a servo for operation.

Designed for Towing

Cub Crafters XCub 60cc

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  Z-HAN526023 2x Seats+Anntena: XCub 60cc £29.99  
  Z-HAN526025 Top Hatch & window: XCub 60cc £37.50  
  Z-HAN526026 7" Sullivan Wheel Axle: Xcub 60cc £16.99