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Blade mCP X BL2 w/SAFE BNF Basic
Blade Blade 0605482427729
SRP: £224.99

mCP X BL2 BNF Basic


  • AS3X® Flybarless System
  • SAFE® Stability modes and Panic Recovery
  • Extremely durable design
  • Bright attractive trim scheme
  • Powerful, 6700Kv brushless main motor
  • 7,700Kv Outrunner brushless tail motor for maximum tail authority
  • Includes fast-flight and high-performance symmetrical main blades
  • Dual ball bearing, linear long-throw cyclic servos
  • Powerful Brushless Main and Tail motor
  • Crash resistant design keeps you flying
  • Fast and precise long throw linear servos


Learning 3D heli aerobatics is now much less intimidating thanks to the durable design, refined flight performance, and SAFE® Technology in the Blade® mCP X BL2.

Positioned as a beginner to intermediate heli between the Blade Nano S2 and Fusion 180, the mCP X BL2 takes the extremely popular mCP X platform to a whole new level with improved flight performance and design. Exclusive SAFE® and AS3X® technology help keep control by delivering the stability needed to develop confidence quickly. Three progressive flight modes allow this heli to grow with each pilot's skill level, making it great for intermediate pilots to pick up with the assurance of panic recovery. This micro heli is suitable as a beginner model thanks to SAFE, but also extremely attractive for experts looking for a durable model for everyday practice and fun. Everyone will love it for its ability to take crashes and keep on flying, giving advanced pilots a great model to challenge themselves and their friends to impromptu fun fly competitions.

Needed to Complete
  • 6+ channel Spektrum DSM2®/DSMX® compatible transmitter
  • 2S 280mAh LiPo Flight Battery
  • Suitable LiPo Battery Charger
What's in the Box?
  • (1) mCP X BL2 Heli with:
    • (1) Brushless Inrunner Main Motor, 6700Kv (installed)
    • (1) Brushless Outrunner Tail Motor, 7700Kv (installed)
    • (1) Flybarless Controller / Receiver with SAFE® and AS3X® (installed)
  • (1) Product Manual
AS3X and SAFE Technology

AS3X and SAFE Technology

Innovative SAFE® and AS3X® Technology make it easy for anyone to fly helicopters with confidence. Flight modes from self-leveling to full 3D allow you to grow your skills with this helicopter, from beginner & intermediate, to advanced maneuvers.


SAFE Z Altitude Control

SAFE Z Altitude Control

SAFE Z Altitude Control uses the heli's on-board accelerometer to maintain a consistent altitude. Plus, the new flight controller has been mounted vertically to improve damping and remove vibration to the gyro.


Brushless Main and Tail Motor
Brushless Main and Tail Motor

Brushless Main and Tail Motor

The potent 6700Kv brushless main motor and 7,700Kv Outrunner brushless tail motor deliver maximum power. Easily perform all the crowd astounding maneuvers with control and precision.


Crash Resistant Design

Crash Resistant Design

Light and extremely durable components frame this micro helicopter allowing pilots to get back in the air after most crashes. Great for learning advanced maneuvers with confidence.


Linear Servos

Linear Servos

Dual ball bearing, linear long-throw cyclic servos deliver the ideal level of torque and speed for precision and stability that's remarkable for its class.


mCP X BL2 BNF Basic

Spec Data
Battery type 280mAh 2S LiPo with PH connector (sold separately)
Motor type Brushless
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