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Spektrum Smart Technology is proud to introduce it's lineup of Smart LiPo batteries with specially formulated Graphene LiPo High Discharge Chemistry designed to provide consistently higher voltage throughout the entire run of the battery under even the most extreme amperage loads.

For RC Bashers, maximum capacity and power are key, and the new Spektrum Smart Pro Basher Series batteries deliver! The Pro series batteries allow for more capacity to be squeezed into the LiPo cells, allowing for larger mAh ratings when compared to similarly sized battery packs. The Pro Basher Series features a newly designed hardcase shell that is thinner and more lightweight, all the while staying rigid, durable, and impact resistant. This series lives alongside current Smart G1 and G2 batteries and is an upgrade to standard hardcase surface packs.

Smart Pro-Series batteries benefits include longer battery life, better performance over the life of the pack, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Smart battery is maintenance-free.

When a Smart Pro-Series battery is connected to a Spektrum Smart charger, its unique charging parameters and health information are uploaded to the charger from its integrated memory microchip. You can view and set preferences through the charger, such as charge rates, so all that's required to charge the pack is connecting it to your Smart charger. Smart technology takes care of the rest.

Spektrum Smart Pro-Series surface batteries store a wide variety of essential information, including:
  • Battery Brand
  • Battery Type
  • Battery Capacity
  • Battery C Rating
  • Individual Cell Voltage
  • Battery Temperature
  • Charge/Discharge Cycles
Spektrum Smart Pro-Series surface batteries also maintain an error log, including over-heat, over-discharge, and over-charge incidents. This data can help assure that the battery you've chosen is suitable for the application.

Innovative Spektrum Smart Pro-Series surface batteries are so easy to use that they nearly take care of themselves. Smart technology makes it easy to achieve peak battery performance, reliability, and longevity!
  • High-capacity packs in new Pro Series case style
  • Fits most 2S to 8S bashing vehicles - check battery tray size to confirm compatibility
  • Simpler and safer to use
  • Powerful and consistent 120C Discharge Rate
  • Industry leading graphene LiPo battery chemistry
  • Standard size hardcase fits most compatible bashers, crawlers and drag car models
  • High-performance 5C max Charge rate for super-fast charge times without damaging the health of the pack
  • Automatic Charging on Spektrum Smart charger reduces time and get you back to bashing fast
  • New hardcase design is thinner, allowing for more capacity to be packed into each cell, while still providing protection to the battery even in the most aggressive basher machine

New Pro Series Graphene LiPo Chemistry

New Pro Series LiPo Chemistry features an innovative graphene polymer that provides a consistently higher average discharge voltage over the whole discharge curve. Class-leading low internal resistance offers drivers higher current per run (supplying optimum speed/power to the motor and ESC).That means bashers get less voltage sag and longer overall battery life.

Smart Battery Technology

When connected to a Spektrum Smart charger, a Pro-Series Smart battery's unique parameters, health, and balancing information upload automatically from its memory microchip through the IC3 or IC5 connector's data wire. To charge and balance the pack, you simply connect it to your Smart charger. Safe charging begins automatically.

New Case Design

The new case design is a thinner poly-carbonate case that allows for more mAh to be squeezed into a basher-ready form factor.

Smart Auto Storage Discharge

Spektrum Smart Pro-Series batteries practically take care of themselves. Pro-Series batteries come from the factory programmed to automatically discharge to a safe storage voltage of 3.90V after 72 hours of inactivity. The results are longer battery life, better performance over the life of the pack, and peace of mind that your Smart battery comes maintenance-free. The user can change the battery's Auto Storage settings based on preferences.

Simple and Quick

Preset charge, discharge, and storage parameters are automatically relayed from your Spektrum Smart Pro-Series battery to your Smart charger, making charging as simple as plugging in the pack. The charge rate of individual batteries can also be user-customized, allowing you to take full advantage of packs with faster charge ratings. The battery's integrated microchip remembers the last charging rate you set, so these settings will automatically take effect the next time you plug it in.

Data Rich

An integrated microchip allows each Smart battery to save vital information such as battery brand, chemistry, cell count, capacity, number of charging cycles, number of discharges, C rating, battery temperature, and internal resistance. Additionally, each battery will save a log of unhealthy events such as over-charge, over-discharge, and over-temperature. This allows you to make the most informed decision about each battery when getting your gear ready.
Image Item Id Name Trade SSP Order
  O-SPMXB2S62 7.4V 6200mAh 2S 120C Smart G2 Pro Basher LiPo: IC5 £94.99  
  O-SPMXB3S140 11.1V 14000mAh 3S 120C Smart G2 Pro Basher LiPo: IC5 £224.99  
  O-SPMXB3S68 11.1V 6800mAh 3S 120C Smart G2 Pro Basher LiPo: IC5 £124.99  
  O-SPMXB4S100 14.8V 10000mAh 4S 120C Smart G2 Pro Basher LiPo: IC5 £219.99  
  O-SPMXB4S68 14.8V 6800mAh 4S 120C Smart G2 Pro Basher LiPo: IC5 £159.99  
  O-SPMXB6S68 22.2V 6800mAh 6S 120C Smart G2 Pro Basher LiPo: IC5 £224.99  

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