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Fling DL Sport DLG ARF

The Fling DL is an easy-to-fly, tri-axially controlled, sailplane with excellent gliding characteristics. The ailerons can also be used as flaps, enabling extremely slow flying, whilst enormous manoeuvrability
helps in taking advantage of even the smallest of updraughts. Pre-fabricated fibreglass fuselage and pre-covered wings and tail mean a minimum of building time. Enjoy the special excitement of discus-launch (DLG) gliding!

Technical specification:
Wingspan: 1520 mm
Wing area: 22 dm²
Wing loading: 16-18 g/dm²
Length: 1000 mm
Weight RTF: 340-400 g

Required accessories:
- 4-channel transmitter
- Micro receiver
- Micro servos, 4 pieces
- Micro battery pack

- Order no: TACJ2652, R/C set TTX 650
- Order no: TACL0624, receiver TR624 (included in R/C set)
- Order no: TACM0205, servo TSX5, 4 pieces


- Wooden built-up covered wing-halves and tail unit
- Fibreglass fuselage and tail boom
- Control linkages
- Building instructions and decals