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Fling Hand Launch Fiberglass/Wood Sailplane ARF

Love relaxed and unproblematic sailplane soaring? Then the Fling is for you. This models small dimensions make it transport-friendly, and it will fly tight circles without much loss of height, which is especially advantageous with tighter thermal columns. The Fling can be thrown, or high-launched with the included rubber launch-rope. Prefabrication of the fibreglass fuselage and covered wing and tail unit mean that even inexperienced modellers can quickly build and fly.

Technical specifications:
Wingspan: 1240 mm
Wing area: 18,4 dm²
Wing loading: 10,5 g/dm²
Length: 800 mm
Weight RTF: 195 g

Required accessories:
- 2-channel transmitter
- Micro receiver
- Micro servos, 2 pieces
- Micro battery pack

- Order no: TACJ2410, R/C set TTX 410
- Order no: TACL0625, receiver TR625 (included in R/C set)
- Order no: TACM0205, servo TSX 5


- Wooden, built-up and covered wing-halves and tail unit
- Fibreglass fuselage and tail boom
- Control surface linkages
- Rubber bands for the wing fixture
- Complete high launch equipment incl. rubber rope and