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Dynaflite Bird Of Time Sailplane ARF

Based on a 70?s design, the Bird of Time has found many enthusiastic admirers. The model is available in two re-worked versions: a classical balsa wood KIT, and an ARF version with fibreglass fuselage and MONOKOTE covered built-up wings. Both versions possess excellent
flight characteristics! Transporting the ARF model is unproblematic due to the 3-part wing (KIT 2-part). The model is controlled bi-axially, with instant and precise response to control signals. Large wingspan coupled with low wing loading makes extended flights possible even when there is only a light updraught.

Technical specification:
Wingspan: 3000 mm
Wing area: 67,73 dm²
Wing loading: 25 g/dm²
Length: 1270 mm
Weight RTF: 1700 g

- 2-channel R/C
- Elevator servo, micro
- Rudder servo, standard
- MONOKOTE covering

- Order no: TACJ2652, R/C set TTX 650
- Order no: TACL0625, receiver TR 625
- Order no: TACM0210, elevator servo TSX10
- Order no: TACM0235, rudder servo TSX35


- Built-up MonoKote-covered wooden wing halves and tail surfaces
- Fibreglass fuselage
- Control linkages, decals and building instructions

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