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Rifle 1M EP Sport ARF
SRP: £209.99

130+ MPH Adrenaline Rush!

The RIFLE 1M is an uncompromising fibreglass/carbon fibre pylon model. The ailerons and elevator are aerodynamically optimised with gap-free hinges. With the appropriate motor, the Rifle 1M with its 1-metre wingspan can reach speeds ofover 130 mph. It is therefore only suitable for experienced pilots. Even a 2S LiPo setup will enable speeds of 100 mph. The RIFLE 1M is a real pylon racer with an unbelievably good cost/performance ratio!


  • Reaches 130+ mph (209 km/h) using the recommended 'speed' power setup
  • Optional 'sport' setup reduces weight and power for regular sport flying and extended flight times, with a 90-100 mph (145-161 km/h) speed range
  • Dual aileron servos simplify setup and increase precision - and allow the use of spoilerons with a computer radio for slower, shorter landing approaches
  • Lightweight, durable composite construction
  • Carbon-fibre wing spar adds rigidity for high-G pylon turns
  • Low parts count and pre-hinged control surfaces offer fast, easy assembly
  • Connectorless linkages provide security and simplicity
  • Includes machined aluminium spinner and complete hardware package
  • Bright, high-visibility trim scheme


    • 4-5-channel R/C system
    • Micro servos, 3 pieces
    • 28 mm brushless inrunner
    • 50 Amp Brushless ESC
    • 2-3S LiPo battery
    • Suitable LiPo charger
    • Speed Propeller


    • P-TACJ2652, R/C set TTX650
    • P-TACL0625, receiver TR 625
    • M-GPMG5220, brushless motor AMMO 28-45-3600
    • 50 A brushless ESC
    • APC 4.5 x 4.1 Speed prop
    • LiPo battery 3S, 2200mAh
    • Order no: P-TACM0210, servo TSX10


    • Rifle 1M EP Sport Electric ARF
    • Control linkages
    • Detailed building instructions
    • Aluminium spinner set<
    • Decal sheet

    Download the aircraft fact sheet

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