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Calypso EP Powered Glider RxR

The Calypso is characterised by her especially sedate airborne appearance, and the elegantly curved wings afford a great dynamic look and inherent stability in the air. The power glider is controlled via all three axis, and the powerful brushless motor will allow for practically vertical climbs to a height where you can enjoy extended thermal gliding. The sturdy Aerocell construction will also stand up to aerobatics, making the Calypso a perfect, uncomplicated all-round model!

Technical specifications:
Wingspan: 1855 mm
Wing area: 33,9 dm²
Wing loading: 24 g/dm²
Length: 1195 mm
Weight RTF: 820 g

- 4-5-channel transmitter
- Receiver
- Minimum 11.1 V, 3S, 1300 mAh LiPo battery
- Compatible charger

- Order no: TACJ2410, transmitter TTX 410
- Order no: TACL0625, receiver TR625 (incl. in R/C set)
- Order no: GPMP0855, LiPo battery 3S 11.1 V, 1800 mAh
- Order no: SUPM0040, Adaptor cable


- Fully assembled model with motor, ESC, and servos installed

Download the aircraft fact sheet